October 31, 2012

Prablem Officuh?

nerdyy: ok I'm leaving
IQ: no :(
Layla: no :(
nerdyy: I need to beat the traffic
Layla: You can't leave us :(
IQ: Just drive on the curb fast and if the police stop you tell them you're a gangster for halloween

October 24, 2012

Fall in Da Hood YO

Let us start with a vertical viewing (a vertical tasting in wine parlance refers to tasting the same wine label/winemaker output from different years/time periods) .. this is the same tree whose pic I posted a couple of weeks ago - it was partially red and mostly green .... VOILA
I see dhuan bhaiyya still peering out from the basement .. at least he hasnt changed :P

Next .. what an ethereal vision .. no wonder fall is my second favorite season:

Raahein wohi waadi wohi badla kuch nahin fir bhi tere milne se hai duniya kyon haseen .. kahin khwabon mein hum ghum na hotey mere humraahi jo tum na hote :)

...err not a word from you punctuation baba :scowl

Just a lil note - all of these pics are from last Wednesday .. not surprisingly a LOT has changed in a week :)

thande thande jhonken jab baalon ko sehlayen tapti tapti kirne jab gaalon ko choo jayen .. sanson ki garmi ko haathon ki narmi ko mera man tarsaye koi to choo jayen ... aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho pyas dil ki bujha jayen :)

and just as an ode to the vagaries of our weather .. its 75 degrees (F) and sunny outside :P

The Book of Shakey

IQ: Oh Smokuuuuuuuuuuuuu oh smoku wherefore art thou smokuuuuuuuuuuu deny thy father refuse thy name of if thou wilt not be but sworn my khota
IS: Huh :O
IQ: He speaks! Oh speak again bright angel for thouuuuuuu art as glorious to this night!
IS: *raises eyebrow*
IQ:  Being as if a winged messenger of heaven unto the white upturned wondering eyesssssss of mortals that fall back to gaze on us!

IS: Hain. Why so biblical?
IQ: :O *bursts out laughing* oh boy, Romeo and Juliet in the Bible

October 15, 2012

Farmer Nerdyy cooks his harvest

1. Authentic Pesto (the rest are in the freezer)


A huge bunch of basil (about three large plants worth of leaves)
5 cloves of garlic
About one cup of pine nuts
One cup of fresh grated parmigiano reggiano
One cup of extra virgin olive oil.

 Combine ingredients in a food processor and umm process :) To store add a little more oil to the container so that the pesto is submerged in oil.

The basil is from farmer nerdyys garden :)

2. Marinara


About 15 tomatoes from farmer nerdyys garden ( a mixture of cherokee purple, yellow pear, roma and early girl), diced
Two small onions diced
4 cloves of garlic crushed
Few basil leaves and marjoram from the garden

Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottomed pan (heavy bottomed for equal distribution of heat). Add onions cook till translucent, add garlic cook till it gives aroma or fried garlic, add all the tomatoes and stir over high heat. Keep stirring till most of the liquid becomes thick, then put it on simmer for abt 30 minutes. At the end stir in the julienned basil and marjoram leaves.

At some later point of time this will become a meat sauce :)

October 11, 2012


*IQ rummaging in bag for her hairbrush*

IQ: Ya
IS: Why are you carrying around a spatula in your bag?

October 10, 2012


Memories of da Season

Summer and Fall in one tree :)

Pic taken across the street from my residence (yes abooser bhaiyyas this is indeed in Bangladesh :P)

October 9, 2012

Da Boss is here

Hello fellow orphanage dwellers : Love n hugs to Miss HC, Miss Beedi Basanti, Mr Smoke, Mr Bulb n Ms Kiara.

I have hacked and taken over this blog, so henceforth be prepared to have all your filez spammed here :smoke


IS: I bought lettuce
IQ: What kind?
IS: Umm.. green kind

October 6, 2012


IQ : Massage me pls I feel kinky LOL and you know not like that
IS : :O How else does one ask for a massage while feeling kinky :O  *laughs for 2 mins* Golden Memoriesssssssssssssssssssss !!!
IQ : This was bound to happen after I've exposed so many, you know those kinks we get?
IS : but you used the word KINKYYY

*after 30 mins"

IQ : you still haven't given me that massage
IS : okay i will massage you kinkily

* 5 mins laughter on IQ's part and IS got shy * LOL

October 4, 2012


nerdyy: hello rinka
nerdyy: err no i was measuring all your would be wives
layla: rinkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nerdyy: ie our bhabhis
layla: hugs my sweet bro
rinka: lol
layla: rollseyes
rinka: measuring?
nerdy: yes for the right curves
nerdy: just like u instructed
rinka: lol i never instructed THAT

Bhabhi Checker

nerdyy: why would I google rinka
nerdyy: I only google my bhabhis

Nerdy Yelling Oh My

October 2, 2012

Omega Reunion

Bulb is watching some old movie (6 nights 7 days) on tv, and giving a live commentary.

Bulb: Wth, now they're kissing on the beach
IQ: LOL coochywoochy on the beach
Bulb: What a f'd up movie
Layla: Rinka slap slap slap
Layla: don't watch coochywoochy movies
Layla: listen to bhajans
Bulb: kahooooooooooo na pyaarrrrrrrrrr haiiiiiiiiiiiii kaho na pyaaaaaar haiiiiiiiiiiii
IQ: yeh no more crap ::mad take it off
nerdyy: take it off? :O
Layla: Loollllllllllll take lungi off? :O
Bulb: ::laugh
IQ: Noooooooooooooooooo the stupid movieeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bulb: Lolllllllllllllll now her bf is crying
Layla: same old stories ::smoke
IQ: Ye man
IQ: I will put that in my story also
IQ: Layla jumped from the plane with nerdyy
Bulb: lollll
Layla: Flippin heck
Layla: ::sleep
IQ: While she was falling she was like, oh thank god, romeyo, I'm with you
Bulb: Protection is more than enough
IQ:  Then she lands on John Abraham
Bulb: No coochywoochy stuff ::smoke
IQ: And forgets nerdyy
Layla: ::smoke
Bulb: lol
IQ: Nerdyy then has to end John's Island Career
IQ: And kills a crocodile
IQ: To impress Layla
Layla :O
Layla: am impressedddd already ::smoke
Bulb: I bet john has the character of the chimpanzee
IQ: John then tries to outdo nerdyy and then tries to run up a tree
IQ: Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bulb yes
Layla: chimpanzee ::mad
Layla: Dont you dare ::mad rinka
Bulb: ::laugh suits him
Layla: ur chimpanzee
IQ: But because of his lazy eye he misses the jump and falls down
IQ: over the cliff
Bulb: ::smoke No I can't be, I am your bro
Layla: My bro is chimpanzee ::glare
nerdyy: ::unsure
IQ: Layla screams noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Layla: welcome back
IQ: and she goes to jump after him
Layla: sexc
Layla: nerdyy
IQ: and nerdy flies like tarzan and saves her
Layla: nice perfume::smoke
nerdyy: ::laugh john is competing with me?
Bulb: lol nerds u killed poor john chimpanzee




October 1, 2012

Y Dis Hang Ups

Phone ringing at work, IQ picks up, quickly says please hold, and finishes another convo with a client, then goes back to Line 2.

IQ: Hello?
Caller: *fuzzy sounds*
IQ: Hellooooooooooo?
IQ listens carefully - complete silence. Rolls eyes and hangs up. 

Turns to coworker who is passing by.
IQ: (putting on a fobby accent) DEY VANT TO HANGED UPS DEY HANG UPS. NAT MY PRABLEM. *throws hands up*

*shakes head,  and gets up from desk*

*few minutes later*

IS: I called you.
IQ: :O You hung up.
IS: Youu hung up on me!

*ten minutes of laughter*