January 31, 2013


shankar-mahadevan: hold on gotta ask my gf why she packs oranges in my backpack everyday
shankar-mahadevan: seriously man
himesh-reshamiya: nice to meet u
shankar-mahadevan: i need MANFOOD
EM-from-US: oh i feel real stupid
shankar-mahadevan: oranges
shankar-mahadevan: and they're those girly ones. small kinda oranges o_o wtf

Da Orphans of Da Orphanage

Laylaah: Cutieeeeeeee should i wink back at this fit boy who keeps winking at me in the mall
IQ: *sigh* twinna, don't you know that the best way to find out if a friend is for keeps is to always glare at his winks, if he winks back hes your friend forever, if he runs away he's just a wimp :closedeyes

Roo: My exams are done, let me snuggle in my bed with my cuddly toy :biggrin

Rinka: nerds :smoke, i see many bhabhis here watching us - are you ready with your measuring tape?

Smoke: Hmmph, should i marinade my chicken tangris in lemon juice or lime juice - let me ask guruji. If I ask Miss IQ she will glare at me because i'm cooking chicken :scowl

nerdyy: kajubarfi why are you standing on a pedestal :unsure
Laylaah: ladooooo :smoke :coffee - its my new 8 inch heels not a pedestal doesnt it look cuteeeeeeee :closedeyes

IQ: Hmm nerdyyyyyyyy your aqua gio smells nice :rolleyes
nerdyy: is it time for the big long hug then :wink
IQ: :glare

Nandini_LostInSpace8453: nerdyyyyyyyyy wakeee uppppppp kamina :O

IQ: pinkuuuuuuuuu welcome :biggrin
ad: TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :rose ... now let me be quiet for 10 mins

IQ: so how did your valentines date go ?
Fire: it was ok, i got bored .. these damn fobs always bore me in 10 mins

January 30, 2013

Into Guys

Rinka : tough guys watch footy ::smoke

Rinka : tough guys smoke ::smoke

Layla: so you into tough guys ::smoke

January 27, 2013

Family Time

Dad settling down with a big bowl of popcorn and another bowl of chips.

Sister: Popcorn?! Like you don't eat enough junk food or what? Diabetic! Shameless! LOOK at you!

Dad: So take my picture.

Sister: Dropping popcorn all over my couch! Now there will be ants. You better vacuum the living room tomorrow. Disgusting!

Dad: You need a laxative.

Spirituality - Part Deux

Alright my wonderful friends - after a long absence travel pics are back :D

Notre Dame Cathedral

Interior of Notre Dame
How amazingly beautiful !

Another interior shot
Moving on to our next spiritual rest stop .....

Saint Germain de Pres
...all lit up for the holidays !!

Interior of Saint Severin
... and another view ....

Saint Severin
..and the exterior ...

Saint Severin
Our last resting place in this journey coming up ....

Saint Sulpice
...and the interior ...

Saint Sulpice
.... beautiful stained glass ...

Saint Sulpice
... and a beautiful panorama of the inside ...

Saint Sulpice
...enjoy a great sunday :D

January 24, 2013


Layla: allllaah
Rinka: yeah child?
IQ: LOL god
Layla: god is here
Layla: god
Layla: save me
IQ: god is everywhere
Layla: ur child is in trouble
Rinka: ctrl+s
Layla: lol
Rinka: saved in my documents
IQ:  :laugh
IQ: im putting that in memories :laugh


IQ: I wanna see your food posted
IQ: so what if its repetive
IQ: titive
IQ: maad
IQ: oh wait
IQ: "titive" alone looks bad


Scene 1:

Rinka: Where is taka?
IQ: Dunno
Rinka: k
IQ: She must be out shopping or something
Rinka: k
IQ: k

Scene 2:

nerdyy: where is da lil bratty sistah?
IQ: Shopping
nerdyy: ::blink
IQ: She been shopping for two days ::ninja

Scene 3:

Dawn: Where is laylu?
IQ: shopping
nerdyy: she is looking for the perfect boots for the weather
nerdyy: they must be the right shade of colour and 8 inch heels

Scene 4:

AD: Where is my sexy layla?
nerdyy: shopping
AD: for what?
Rinka: a shovel? ::laugh
Dawn: salt
nerdyy: boots
IQ: she is shopping for a fit guy to do her snow shovelling for her

Scene 5:

Dawn: missing laylu :(
ad: me too
IQ: Me toooo!
nerdyy: she texted me
IQ: Oh really
nerdyy: she said she's been in the mall for 48 hours
nerdyy: still hasn't found the perfect boots

Next day:

LayLaa: sorrrrrrry!!!! had 2 delet them...dunno what i was typin 4rm me fone :mad :mad didnt make sense either (now using lapppppy) ::sleep So.. Has had a serious ass whooping thanks to the snow.. Fell twice on my bum onto the way to the shops..... Fun times!!!!!!!!!!! :mad STUPID SNOW!!!

 =)) =))

January 22, 2013


Coworker opens her file cabinet where her jacket is hung.

D: What is your jacket doing in here huh!
IQ: Oh, I put it there.
D: What does it think it's doing huh? Wrestling with my jacket?!
D: Think your jacket will beat mine up huh?
IQ: No they're making out.
D: Oh.....*blinks* well then.

Takes her jacket out quickly and puts it on, patting it down to make sure it's okay, then quietly leaves.


IS: ::maar

IQ: ::laat

IS: :(

IQ: ::dhakka

IS: *falls*

IQ: ::nichoda

IS: :O LOL Oiii I'm not some cloth u is washings hahaha

January 15, 2013


19M_Bi has joined.
IQ: hmm
19M_Bi: yooo
19M_Bi: gos
19M_Bi: *god
19M_Bi: is me
Layla:   agarbattis
nerdyy:    god is bi?
19M_Bi: yeah
nerdyy: i knew it 62
19M_Bi: you bet
Layla: lol
nerdyy: ur brother is bi
Layla: sad sad
nerdyy: i know
nerdyy: now we ll have a jeeju not a bhabhi
Layla: looks like sum1 is clonin him
IQ: baburao
Layla: LOL
Layla: jeeju
19M_Bi has left.

Where is Memories?

IQ: i went to golden memories
IQ: to post chicken talks
IQ: and im staringgggggggggggg at the links wondering where is memories
IQ: i was like wth i left out memories on this page?
IQ: then i realized it wouldnt be on the links coz im ON memories
nerdyy:    :laugh
manoo has joined.
nerdyy: that is worth a memory
IQ: manoo  :blush
IQ: lol 


manoo has joined.
Layla: he looks so gay in da video
manoo: lolz
manoo: u still
manoo: e=here
Layla: who?
manoo: its better
manoo: to go sleep
manoo: to sexy chat
manoo: around
Layla:   O_o
nerdyy:    babuwa swagatam
nerdyy:    hic
IQ: hehe
manoo: no nice
IQ: i is looking for the song
manoo: chicken
manoo: around
IQ: yes chicken is nice
manoo: wanna chat
manoo: with
IQ: chicken?
IQ: sexy chicken
nerdyy: chat with chickens
manoo: handsome guy
IQ: oh ok
IQ: manoo want to chat to handsome guy
IQ: great
IQ: just great
nerdyy: :laugh  
IQ: today is your day nerdy
manoo: hahaha
nerdyy:  ::laugh iq
nerdyy: i dont do babuwa chat
IQ: lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
nerdyy:    :laugh
IQ: ::dies
nerdyy:    :laugh
IQ: why not all you have to do is wax your chest
nerdyy: yes let me contact dawn
IQ: see youre interested
nerdyy:    i only like aunties
IQ: how about sexy chickens
nerdyy: no i roti the poulet
nerdyy: sexy or not sexy
manoo: seko peko
IQ: roti pulao
manoo: lol
Vineet-_ has joined.
Vineet-_: go ther
nerdyy:    yes
Vineet-_ has left.
Vineet-_ went to room: MasalaChat
manoo: where
IQ: lol 
manoo: nice
manoo: chicken
manoo: went in
manoo: left
nerdyy: yes run after vineet .. hes a nice chicken
IQ: oh dear
manoo: she left
nerdyy:   ::laugh iq
manoo: us on;ly here name
IQ: i no name
manoo has left.
manoo went to room: very_tall_girls
nerdyy:    tall chicken

January 7, 2013

Architecture, Art and Eggs :O

The first stop of this evenings presentation takes us to Barcelona and the modernisme (or modernista) architecture of Gaudi

Casa Batllo

Casa Mila
Our next stop is in the town of Figueras, about 2 hours from Barcelona by train, the birthplace of Salvador Dali and the site of the Dali museum

Abraham Lincoln or Gala (nude) contemplating the Mediterranean
An amazing painting - at close quarters it is a picture of Dalis muse and soulmate Gala in nude looking at the Mediterranean, at a distance of about 20m or if you squint its a portrait of Abraham Lincoln

Street view of the Dali museum

Winged Victory of Samothrace
We've moved to Paris and the Louvre - never thought that this many people would visit an art museum

Wedding Feast at Cana
An amazing renaissance era painting that occupies the wall opposite the most famous painting in the world

 Mona Lisa
You might ask why the pic is kinda grainy - its coz my hands were shaking ... why you might ask - so i took a picture that would explain the reason
Crowd view in front of the Mona Lisa - taken from the side
You have to push your way through this to get in front to take a pic - the wedding feast at cana (think water to wine) and another gorgeous renaissance painting is also visible - the guy in the front of the pic (with his back to us) is the guard responsible for making sure that people dont get too close
Venus Di Milo
Enjoy :D

Guest_627283 = Layla

January 4, 2013

"We'll always have Paris"

View of Notre Dame Cathedral from a bridge on the Seine

"I think therefore I am" ... the Pantheon is peeking in the background.

Front view of the Pantheon

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Pont Neuf Bridge

View of the other side from the Pont Neuf Bridge

View of the Louvre from inside the Pyramid

The Louvre Courtyard

For this trip I skipped a few of the traditional sights - Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Avenue Champs Elysees and Place du la Concorde (of guillotine fame) ... I visited them the last time I was here and it was cloudy cold and rainy :D

January 2, 2013

Spirituality - Part 1

Being the new year, we all reflect on the year gone by and our expectations for the year ahead. I found out that there was no better place to go and reflect/meditate on such matters than a place of worship from the middle ages - they were all spectacular as these pictures testify.

Santa Maria Del Pi in the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) area of Barcelona's old city - very simple but awe inspiring.

Santa Maria Del Mar in the La Ribera district of the old city - also equally stunning (and peaceful inside)

Barcelona Cathedral (also in the Barri Gotic area) - another spectacular church.

All of the above churches were built in the 13th - 15th centuries :D

Church of St Pere in Figueras, a town about 2 hours away by train from Barcelona - famous for the Dali museum, which will be the topic of another post :D