February 14, 2008

Angalish 101

IQ: Aa rama rama kya hai yeh drama film mein gaya athwadiye joi
johnnyG: janny is jitva
johnnyG: lol
IQ: HAHA jitva <-- LOL
johnnyG: very much jitva
johnnyG: LOL
IQ: <-- is marigayi at his gujji
Silent_Angel: jibtaaa che
IQ: gujju*
IQ: loooooooool
johnnyG: LOL
johnnyG: gujju is easy man..
Silent_Angel: lol
Silent_Angel: yea yea they all say that
IQ: Tame sha mate gadi chalavi ?
Silent_Angel: i thought spanish was easy too
IQ: =))
IQ: comos estas
johnnyG: yeah its hindi with alot of che's
johnnyG: LOL
Silent_Angel: suu
Silent_Angel: sha kon che
IQ: shu ki
johnnyG: no clue abt spanish
Silent_Angel: tu su bole che
IQ: hun shu karu?
Silent_Angel: bien y tu
johnnyG: haan mui bien
Silent_Angel: pagge lag
Silent_Angel: hahaha
johnnyG: keppaaso senyorita
IQ: Soy demasiado buena
Silent_Angel: hahahaha
Silent_Angel: senyorita
Silent_Angel: hahaha
johnnyG: quiere bailar conmigo?
Silent_Angel: wah i love ur spanish
IQ: Voy a estar de vuelta en dos minutos
johnnyG: LOL
IQ: acha
IQ: back to english
Silent_Angel: ehehe
johnnyG: ya thats better..
IQ: me angeji liking much
johnnyG: google isnt giving me so many sentences in spanish nyway lol
IQ: is fun spaking the angalash
Silent_Angel: loll johnny
IQ: u is wat say
johnnyG: i is agreeing of u much
johnnyG: well
IQ: u is my frand yes
IQ: this angal is loking as our expart angalash is too high
johnnyG: angel no engalis specing?
IQ: we is must be canfusing much
Silent_Angel: LOLL
johnnyG: i agreed on u
Silent_Angel: hehe sorrie im busy finish my beekar supprise
Silent_Angel: for beekar people
IQ: okays
IQ: you are for giv in
Silent_Angel: loll shukria
IQ: is not many prablam
IQ: well
IQ: janny u are wat of thinking
johnnyG: i was think of what other of writing
IQ: janny
IQ: you are wise man
IQ: you is much think befor u are tolk
johnnyG: yes yes..i agrees upon u
IQ: you are agrees alway janny
johnnyG: this much in good engalish talking me is first timing
IQ: haha i mast say you proud do me
johnnyG: i wishes i known this engalish well in my days in scool
johnnyG: i always is proud of frand mine
IQ: yor would also do techar proud
IQ: aw yor so swett janny
johnnyG: i makes my teacheress proud in my good marks
IQ: i thinking yor would get top marks alway
IQ: in angalash
johnnyG: yes yes
johnnyG: always
IQ: such sad you larn lately
IQ: mine frand is mach make me giggling at moment
20:10 johnnyG: isnt y the work of frand
20:11 johnnyG: me is knwing what to make giggle u
20:11 IQ: is tell shat up
20:11 IQ: =))
20:11 johnnyG: is no listen
IQ: is die much laugh
johnnyG: its is always good thy laugh
IQ: is good no to die
IQ: is you be happiness at me die
johnnyG: wells wells..not to die..but to laugh me likes much ery
IQ: laughin ot lowd ...wells
johnnyG: this engalish over took mine song of kambakth love
IQ: kambakt love is what prablem
johnnyG: madding at this engalish
IQ: this new sang is have sang to my name
IQ: is madding why frand
IQ: no be madding
johnnyG: manisha sexy dancing n shaking to this sang my frand
IQ: sanger is sang o IQ tumko dil diya in not anglash
IQ: but is gud
IQ: wells
IQ: i is will take damm pann on yor had
johnnyG: wells ..good song was good song..engalish language matters not i fink
IQ: then wat is language that is will matter
johnnyG: taking damn pan was not good my frand..
johnnyG: u is leaving that dam pan from ur head..
IQ: but no? i is mach confuse
IQ: my had is not need damm pan
johnnyG: yes yes even damn pan is not need ur head
IQ: no no
IQ: well..
IQ: we is must have taken fear from all
IQ: all taking damn pan on both hads
johnnyG: i is wanted to listening something for ur vday pelans
johnnyG: no fear us says me
IQ: you is tolk kyun i is tell hve no plans
johnnyG: easy english speaking readily available
IQ: why is not fear us we can be most fearable
IQ: no must be fear taking from our high englash
johnnyG: i is here to making phrends..not anymore enemies
johnnyG: ppl thinking us as to be made ppl or when
IQ: yor maked enemie of me
IQ: i have no car really for what they is all think us
johnnyG: i maked enemie of ur?
IQ: but i is much think is we should try stop
IQ: u are maked yes yes
AlishaGhauri: Hey
johnnyG: ok if ur say stop..letting us stop
IQ: ahaan a people
IQ: i is much say greeting to you Alisha
johnnyG: no stop now..onesome is entered
IQ: yes yes a people come has
IQ: most fear
IQ: i see fear yes
johnnyG: they now shouding know our spesal english
johnnyG: yes yes i agreees
AlishaGhauri: Wrong time I guess, Bye
johnnyG: no talkings
IQ: no no alisha
IQ: we are tolking too high anglash i guess
IQ: is much silences
johnnyG: high? i is still needing to lern more of engalish
IQ: high is not meanings of highes of corse much still to larn
johnnyG: yes yes silences over all heds
AlishaGhauri: :/
IQ: better silence than dam pan
johnnyG: yes..highes for they
johnnyG: no thinking of damming pan
IQ: I thinking we is must stop
AlishaGhauri: Alright, Bye
johnnyG: wokay
IQ: dam panning is scared off the people
johnnyG: what crap did we just talk LOL
IQ: hahahahahahahahahahaha
johnnyG: lol
johnnyG: hahahhaahha
IQ: hahahahahahahahahahahahaa
IQ: seriously
IQ: hahahahahahahaha
johnnyG: damnnnnnnn

February 5, 2008

Thought of the Day

Sometimes things are bigger than we are, more important than our little problems.

February 2, 2008

Thought of the Day

Most often, that which comes easily to us by way of nature do not necessarily impassion us; The things that provide us that element of challenge are what spur us into passion. Thereby, when faced with obstacles do not despair, for they are not the walls that barr the way to future growth, but build upon our faith- indeed they are likewise to the waves which carry us forward, surfing upon them, head up, refusing to give in to the threat of drowning- to realize our dreams, achieve our goals.