October 17, 2017

Big Bad Wolf, Redux

Scene at local Trader Joe's (a grocery store):

Checkout Lady(to 5 year oldish girl): SO, what are we dressing up as for Halloween, are you going to be an angel?
Girl: I am going to be a wolf!
Lady (taken aback): Oh! Isn't that going to be scary?
Girl (with a look that conveyed the message Lady are you just plain stupid, it's Halloween): I want to scare all the squirrels and all the dogs and all the children.
Lady: *speechless*

October 14, 2017


October 12, 3:43 pm

Post by me on some SM

i would like a new contract between the planets, the stars(incl the sun) and the solar system to ensure that we have 32 hours a day

October 12th, 4:31 pm
Driving to a meeting with stakeholders to an office downtown.
Look at clock on car 4:31
Glance at phone
reboot phone
broad daylight, in mid october

Realignment of the solar system has begun!

P.S.: There is a cell tower giving faulty time information near the Field Museum, verified the next few days with the same issues at same spot! No Realignment SIGH 😉

October 9, 2017

Tinbergen et. al. (but no Thaler?)

A visit (incognito of course) to the old haunt of ours, a week or so back! (conversation paraphrased)

N: Good grief, this place is no longer the center of intellectual conversations that it used to be!
A(some random chick): When has this ever been intellectual? only pervs and losers come here!
N: (suppressing the need to respond "which are you") No No, there was a time that I would have the pleasure to sit and converse with Tennyson, Camus, Fibonacci, Tinbergen and so many more! THIS was the intellectual gathering spot! (*knowing fully well person A has never heard of Tennyson let alone the others!)
A: *wacko*

random person Nina hawking a sex chat website

N: Hey Nina, are you a person of high Intellectual Quotient?
A: That is very rude question to ask!
N: That was a simple ask, not rude - you've never met Rude, Rude would tear you apart in 10 seconds!
A: N ignored!


P.S: I don't think I've ever seen this shared space of ours look so dazzlingly sexy - what a kickass redesign!

September 23, 2017


IQ: Can you pass me the stapler, please?
*G reaches over and grabs her stapler, handing it over*
IQ: Thanks
G: You don't have a stapler?
IQ: No :( I am nobody. I have nothing. Oh, except a pen. that's my job description, literally.
G: Hmm, maybe you should put in an order for one?
IQ: Oh I have, but they keep forgetting. *sniffs dramatically* but it's ok. it gives me a reason to get out of my desk and stretch every now and then.
G: Yeah. True.

G: ... But wait, I just HANDED it to you.
IQ: I know *grins*

February 1, 2017

Star Tantrums - The Force Awakens


IQ: hahahaha
      he's getting tantrums right left and centre
      yeah i said yes i am not that way inclined but thanks
N: i get tantrums from you all the time 
     and we're just bffs
IQ: lol whatever
N: imagine
IQ: you throw more tantrums
      than i do
N: when did i throw a tantrum
     last one was abt mili
     centuries ago
IQ: you could easily go to olympics and contend and win a gold for tantrum throwing event
      yeah so when was mine
N: dunno
IQ: lol there u go
N: must be like a few days ago
      a few mins ago
      about the chips
IQ: geez
      if u call that a tantrum
 N: its all tantrums