June 27, 2013


hamraaz: hello
Kimiko:  hello
hamraaz: how are you  ?
Kimiko: I am great, thanks. how are you   ?
hamraaz: welcome
hamraaz: fine
hamraaz: 35  m  dubai
hamraaz: and you ?
Kimiko: 42 f hong kong
hamraaz: ok
hamraaz: are you beatiful?
Kimiko: yes. you can google me i am in google images kimiko date-krumm
Kimiko:  :)
hamraaz: ok
hamraaz: but can we chat on y a  h o o ?
Kimiko: i do not use ya hoo
Kimiko: it is sinful
hamraaz: ok
Kimiko: thank u for understanding xiexie

Work it

From: Nerdyy; To: IQ

 cya tomm gnite :P

From: IQ; To: Nerdyy

man i was here most of the day and ur bum wasn't!

From: Nerdyy; To: IQ

 :O mah bum was busy with work :P (ok maybe that isnt the best way to say it LOLL)

June 26, 2013


Masti Voice Chat: hi
Masti Voice Chat: like dirty abusive voice chat on my wife
Bouchard: Why?
Masti Voice Chat: fuk
Bouchard: Weirdo
Bouchard: You actually sit on your wife and voice chat without taking a bath?
Bouchard: That is just ..... no words, man.
Bouchard: Heights of WEIRD.

*silence for 10 mins*

Masti Voice Chat has sent sound: ambulance

June 21, 2013

Agency Vehicle

Yes - we have a gas guzzler as the vehicle for our agency, but fear not - soon we will have a hybrid Lexus RX :P


June 18, 2013

And Yet More Random

baddboy29:  hi can i join u all?
baddboy29: pls
sweetpotato:  no
baddboy29: are u dominating nerdy?
sweetpotato: maybe
baddboy29: yr asl pls
sweetpotato: no
baddboy29: m, 29,ind here
baddboy29: do let me join and serve u if u are fem
sweetpotato: no
sweetpotato: i have enough slaves
sweetpotato: thanks tho
baddboy29: u are femme?
sweetpotato: sometimes
baddboy29: ?
sweetpotato: depends on the pheloderm

*no reply; starts pvting nerdy about getting whipped*

baddboy29: are u whipping nerdy now?
sweetpotato: no its recess time
sweetpotato: we're having fresh baked cookies
baddboy29: pls can i cum in now?

*ignored for some time*

baddboy29: hi again
sweetpotato: sorry all cookies are finished
baddboy29: what are u doing to him now?
sweetpotato: laughing at you with him
baddboy29: why?
sweetpotato: because soon everyone else will be
baddboy29: why
sweetpotato: just wait

June 17, 2013

This Ghost says Baa (not Boo)

IQ: Do you like gosht? *thinking*
Angel: Wht kinda random question is tht
IQ: Lol answer first then I will
Angel: No I dnt like ghosts cuz they r scary :P
IQ: mutton
IQ: slap slap slap
IQ: tum bhi na

June 2, 2013


IS: you shouldve named him socks
IS: he has white paws
IQ: not all are white
IS: well hes like u na
IQ: ki
IS: mismatching cocks
IQ: :O :O:O:O
IQ: LOL what u think of me
IS: tu wears diff sockies


IQ: uh huh