February 28, 2013

70456= Bulb | 22813 = IQ

Guest_22813: oh nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan parindeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
nerdyy: ok ill be back maybe
Guest_22813: ghar ghar ghar aaja
Guest_22813: ok nerdy
nerdyy:    :P
Guest_22813:  :P
nerdyy has left.
Guest_22813:  O_O
Guest_22813: literal bye
Guest_22813:  ::unsure
Guеst_70456: i told u or not
Guest_22813: oh nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Guest_22813: OH BOY
Guеst_70456: i love saying "i told ya"
Guest_22813: i know
Guеst_70456: which i get to say a lot
Guеst_70456: i think he doesnt like me
Guest_22813: yes for sure
Guest_22813: who can like u
Guest_22813: thats exactly why he left
Guеst_70456: yup
Guest_22813: omg im gonna fall off my chair
Guеst_70456: or maybe seeing me makes him pee
Guеst_70456: he is scared of me
Guest_22813: Guest_22813: can u do me a favour just leave for a few mins
nerdyy: wait
Guеst_70456: danm idiots
Guеst_70456: u guys r conmen
Guest_22813: sorry
Guest_22813: i fell laughing

February 27, 2013

February 26, 2013


sidhiashih has joined.
sidhiashih: at my house
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Okay then.

February 25, 2013

Grandmothers Gone Wild

The beginning of this conversation has disappeared, but here is what you need to know. PK thought we seemed older than him, and he began guessing our ages. Things happened, and he thought we were 70. 

Pain_Killer: find it weird though
Pain_Killer: always felt like chat rooms were for teenagers and 20 odd people
betty_g. has joined.
Pain_Killer: thought you would hate them
R: we take offence to this
betty_g. has left.
betty_g. went to room: fat_girl
Pain_Killer: no i mean
Pain_Killer: i thought you wouldnt like them
A.R.A_love has joined.
Pain_Killer: to be honest they are pretty shite
R: don't judge us
R: we are friendly old folks
Pain_Killer: im not trying to
R: but in public we become those cranky ol' ladies
R: that's why we chat
Pain_Killer: just making conversation
IQ:  ::laugh
R: yes
IQ: speak for yourself hun
IQ: I'm not cranky
IQ: It's only when I don't take my morning tea
R: i see that crankiness forming across your face as you say that
A.R.A_love has left.
A.R.A_love went to room: MommieDauAgRp
IQ: I do admit that much
R: speaking about tea
R: i'm drinking tea this very moment
R: i almost forgot about it though
IQ: I know so am I
R: cause i got busy chatting
IQ: Jasmine tea
R: green tea
IQ: The things we keep forgetting
Pain_Killer: im not
IQ:  ::rolleyes
Pain_Killer: weird
Pain_Killer: i feel left out
R: you know guest and I have grown old together
IQ: ha
R: one day you'll understand
Pain_Killer: kool
R: don't worry dear
IQ: its quite ok PK you stick to your apple juice and milk bottle
IQ: enjoy it while you can
Pain_Killer: youve seen everything then
R:  ::laugh
IQ: I miss those days
Pain_Killer: will do
R: i miss the days where we could run
IQ: I run
R: now my back hurts
R: she runs in her dreams
IQ: It's just slowly
R: very slowly too
IQ:  ::dry
R:  ::laugh
IQ: ha
IQ: i can make do without the cane
IQ: for a WHOLE 10 mins
R: i don't need a cane
R: wheelchair works just fine

IQ: that's too much work for me
R: you lazy old wreck
IQ: the local pub doesnt even have proper accessibility
IQ: how am i gonna get wrecked the propa way
IQ:  ::beer
IQ: cheers
R:  ::beer
R: cheers
IQ: I think we've scared PK
R: yess
Pain_Killer: im not scared
R: my boy   where are you
R: he is just not interested
Pain_Killer: just watchin
IQ: ah ok
R: he is observing his future
IQ: or missing his grandmothers
R: yes probably that
R: how are your grandchildren
IQ: I heard from them last on valentines
IQ: sweet dears sent me a great gift basket
IQ: beer
Pain_Killer: grandmothers gone wild
R: lucky you
IQ: granted it came with crunchy nuts
R: my grand kids cheaped out
R: they sent stinky flowers
IQ: I couldnt possibly eat them with my teeth
IQ:   flowers!
IQ: that's what you get for being a wheelchair crank
IQ:  ::dry
R: don't call me crank
IQ: you started it first dear
R: you shriveled up grape
Pain_Killer: now now you two
IQ: grapes  reminds me of wine
R: wine is not for you
R: beer is for you
IQ: well yes
Pain_Killer: ginger beer
IQ: i wonder whre that dirty little leprechaun went
IQ: hold on
IQ: brb
IQ has left.
R: tyt
R: hello
Pain_Killer: me?
R: no i am talking to myself
R: obviously you son
Pain_Killer: ok
Pain_Killer: hey
R: yes
Pain_Killer: nice weather were having
R: indeed
R: you are from?
Pain_Killer: ireland
Pain_Killer: you?
R: Canada
Pain_Killer: ok
Pain_Killer: they speak french there right?
R: yes
R: french and english
Pain_Killer: ok
R: But we speak english for the most part
Pain_Killer: ok
Pain_Killer: travelled a lot?
R: i have travelled lots in my long life
R: now i sit and home
R: living on pension
IQ has joined.
Pain_Killer: shite innit
IQ: Ok
Pain_Killer: where have you been?
R: wcb granny
R: i have been all over the wrold
IQ: ty the granddaughter called
R: french, italy, all over europe
R: australia
R: africa
IQ: she says her birthday is coming up so she expects her gift from lulu lemon
Pain_Killer: kool
R: this kids nowadays, so demanding
IQ: eating my pension
IQ: i know
Pain_Killer: bundles of joy
Pain_Killer: what goes around comes around mind you
Pain_Killer: ive always wanted to travel the world
Pain_Killer: ya know get lost
IQ: yes  thats the best part
Pain_Killer: see everythin worth seein
R: these dentures are comfy
IQ: just merging into a world with a crowd who dont know u
IQ:  ::laugh
Pain_Killer: feel like its just the same shite everywhere though
IQ: You random woman
R:  ::blush
Pain_Killer: same skies different landscape and language thats about it
R: i saw this hot guy
IQ: New Zealand
R: then thought,, nahh, he's not my age
IQ: Cougar
R: if you know what i mean
IQ:  ::laugh
R: i love travelling
IQ: yup
Pain_Killer: dirty grandmothers do exist
Pain_Killer: good to knoww
IQ: getting old isn't much more different than being young
IQ: i mean you go through the responsibilities of life and crap but then you come out and you're still the same
Pain_Killer: you get wiser though
IQ: people just think we're 'grown up' because you become a parent or a grandparent
IQ: yeah that is true
IQ: and with wisdom comes a joy to life
IQ:  ::huh
IQ: unless you have uncomfortable dentures

" i can make do without a cane, for a WHOLE 10 mins!" - GrannyTigs
"they sent stinky flowers" -GrannyRoo

February 22, 2013

You, Creepy.

Josh and Alley, two random chatters.

Josh: Have you heard the term "self fullfilling prophecy"?
Alley: yes
Alley: and its not always true
Alley: take me, i was convinced i'd die alone, never being loved, never getting married, nothing
Alley: and i even decided
Alley: i was just going to date for fun
Josh: If you act as though it will never happen again, then probably won't
Bulb:   teenage central
Alley: so i met a girl i liked through a friend, asked her out, only for fun, thought i'd dump her in 2 weeks
Alley: then date another girl i liked
Alley: you know what happened in 2 weeks?
Alley: i asked her to marry me
IQ:   you wake up now
IQ: you have an alarm clock for kids?
Bulb: yup barely can type
Josh: ???
Josh: What are you jokesters up to?
IQ: stoned again?
Bulb: rocked
IQ: nothing Josh and Alley, dont mind us. you carry on
Alley: life isn't so simple and it doesn't obey rules
Josh: That is so true.
Alley: sry gtg
Alley has left.
Josh: D:
Bulb: happy birthday Josh
IQ: lol
IQ: great just great
Josh: HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!?!?!?!??!
Bulb: u blew all candles in one breath
Josh: Wtf...
Bulb:  ::laugh
IQ: ::laugh
Guest_53457:  ::laugh
Bulb: easy peasy
Josh: I'm creeped out now.
IQ: rightly so
Josh: lol
Josh has left.
Josh went to room: LobbyRoom
Bulb: i managed to boot two sentimentals away
Bulb: i'm not faltu
IQ: lol
IQ: u wouldnt have managed to do it as quick alone
Bulb:  credit chor
IQ: where its due
Bulb: u were here hours
IQ: yea
Bulb: alone enjoying their convo
IQ: waiting for ur sad bum to wake up
IQ: lol
IQ: enjoying
Bulb:   maybe i shuld boot u too
IQ: I was wondering if they were gay
IQ: two guys talking like girls
Bulb: Josh was a girl?
IQ: yup
IQ: lol he was a guy
IQ: but talking like a girl
Bulb:  tru dat
Bulb: ok back hurting
Bulb: slept on chair
Bulb: challoo bye
IQ: okies see u
Bulb: say bye else u r gay ::laugh
IQ: lol
IQ: bye bye
Bulb: bye
Bulb: tc
Bulb has left.
Josh has joined.
Josh: YOU.
Josh has left.
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February 18, 2013

A Skinny Coat Rack

ranveer has joined.
nerdyy: ranveer came to cry to us after anushka dumped him
ranveer has left.
ranveer went to room: family_sex
Bulb:   u two hav history
IQ:   um
IQ: but anushka dumped him longg time ago
IQ: a yr
Bulb: anushka who?
nerdyy: and he pvts me
IQ: :laugh
nerdyy:  :laugh
nerdyy: Bulb, anushka is ur bhabhi
IQ: who has history
nerdyy: for now
IQ: btw
IQ: lollllllllllllllllllllll
Bulb: ok   nvm
nerdyy:  ;)
IQ: wink bhi
IQ: wah wah
nerdyy:  ;)
nerdyy:    wink for wine and candles
Bulb: if its anushka sharma, with pleasure
IQ: yes that one
IQ: only
Bulb: but u r not invited to my home for chai
IQ: :O
nerdyy:    chai
IQ: invited for what then? beer
Bulb: or , i will invite u but dont bring the hideous creature along
IQ: lol
IQ: :laugh:
IQ: tis ok she can stand by the door
Bulb: me no likey
nerdyy:  :laugh
IQ: and be a coat rack
nerdyy:    stand by door
nerdyy: im getting a mental pic of that
nerdyy: we all go into rinkas house
nerdyy: but poor anushka has to stand by teh door
Bulb:  :laugh
nerdyy: and hold all our jackets
Bulb: :laugh:
nerdyy:  :laugh:
nerdyy:   :laugh: wth
Bulb: poor thing
nerdyy:  :laugh:  bulb


BEGirl has joined.
nerdyy:    BE
IQ: I wrote: "All the turtles, ducks and lizards scurried away and hid themselves. There was a moment of silence, then Susan yelled "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!"
IQ: Everyone loved that
BEGirl: Hi xD
nerdyy: :laugh
IQ: Hey, BE girl
BEGirl: What's this room about actually?...
BEGirl: Hi
IQ: It's about nonsense.
nerdyy: its about a literature course
nerdyy: we read cetain famous books
IQ: Craziness, randomness and the wonders of dope.
nerdyy: and discuss here
IQ: Yes.
nerdyy: and then comment on the course website
IQ: welcome, BE.


BEGirl: Kay...
BEGirl has left.
BEGirl went to room: Lobby
IQ:   hi5
nerdyy:    K

February 17, 2013

Pasta with Spinach, Feta Cheese and Kalamata Olives

A certain good friend of mine recently made snide remarks with respect to my lack of food postings, so just to prove her wrong (and to make her drool over my food) here is my (rare) venture into actual cooking:


1 pound box of baby spinach (I use organic coz it tastes better)
About 1/2 pound of Feta Cheese (Greek) - use sheep/goat Feta if you want a slightly sour version or just Sheep if you want less sour.
Two small onions chopped finely (and I mean finely)
8-10 Kalamata Olives pitted and chopped
Four cloves of garlic sliced thin
Crushed Red pepper flakes (I use dried whole chillies and crush them)
Salt and Fresh ground Pepper ( I used Tellicherry Peppers for its fragrance)
1 Pound Penne (or Farfalle) Pasta

Heat about 3-4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (preferably Italian) in dutch oven type pan, when oil is hot introduce the crushed red pepper, after a minutepour in the onions stir, then garlic, stir, and then stir in the olives. After a couple of minutes stir in the spinach slowly. It takes a couple of minutes for the spinach to wilt. Once all the spinach has wilted, stir in half of the cheese and stir for a couple of minutes over low heat. Add salt and pepper as needed.

Boil a pot of water, add some salt, once water is boiled add in pasta - cook till al dente, drain pasta and pour it back into the spinach sauce. Stir together over low heat and stir in the cheese.

100% vegetarian recipe for Miss HMK :D

February 12, 2013

Live Staff

Talking to coworker...

IQ: So you've made those changes on the website I see...
K: Which changes?
IQ: The frontpage?
K: Ah those changes
IQ: *opens webpage and shows K* 
K:  Uh.
IQ: You didn't do that did you?
K: *rolls eyes* No. It was AJ.
IQ: I knew it. This sounds so...looks so...
K:  LOOK at this part doesn't it drive you crazy? "Our LIVE staff is standing by" ?
IQ: Haha I know. That's the first thing that popped at me. That's why I wasn't sure you did that.
K: LIVE staff? As opposed to our dead staff?
IQ: Yeah, uh hello can I speak to a zombie?
K: *laughs*
IQ: Cause, like, I have a PREFERENCE for zombies.