September 27, 2012

John Babee

IS: I tried watching Jism 2 but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
IQ: Hahaha why would YOU watch that
IS: I know, but I tried. Was Jism any good?
IQ: Dunno, didn't watch it na
IS: Good it had black Bips and lazy eyed John
IQ: Oh yes btw we caught John; his second window is Harami Jiju
IS: I always thought he was Ladies Tailor :hmm
IQ: Yes well that's why I said second window


nerdyy: I am so sleepy
IQ:  Me tooo
IQ: The smell of my hair is seducing me
nerdyy: let's blame smoke for this
nerdyy: LOL wth
IQ: Lolllllllllllllllll

September 25, 2012


D: I can't go home without you, IQ! *melodramatic sniffles*
(IQ is staying late at work)
IQ: Aww. It's okay D, you will survive.
D: NO! I always leave work with youuuuuuuuuuuuu
IQ: I know I know it's hard to live without me
D: IQ You don't understand! I CANT GO WITHOUT YOUUU. I don't know how to get to the BUSSSSSS! *more fake sobs*
(Bus stop is right across the road from the office)
IQ: Ok, I write you directions.

Grabs a post-it and writes : Go left from front entrance (pls open the door first), go outside and smoke a lil bit (only a lil bit mind you), go down the sidewalk and look into the windows with all the handbags and jewellery and talk to yourself as if you're talking to IQ, then turn around suddenly throw up your hands and run across the street like you're on fire.

Oh eat

Like a Fridge, yo

IS: What colour fridge do you want?
IQ: Ummmmm. White.
IS: Silver?
IQ: Nooo! White is clean clean.
IS: Hmm but it gets dirty dirty also
IQ: So then you must get dirty dirty also :P
IS: :O I'm not a fridge 
IQ: *smacks forehead* no, but you're white.
IS: Oh. Okay pls I get dirty

*5 minutes of laughter on IQs part*

IQ: You do know I'm going to put this on Golden Memories right?
IS: What? Why?
IQ: Out of the point I'm trying to make you somehoww pull out the comparison to the fridge

September 21, 2012


IQ: If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?
Layla: MY
Layla: DADDY
Layla: :(
Nerdyy: Seekh kebab
IQ: Oye you cant eat him
IQ: :O
Layla: Oh eat


Guest_55515: twinny ::rose
Guest_55155: nerdyyyyy ::smoke
nerdyy: im having trouble keeping up with the two 55s

(Guest_55515 = Layla; Guest_55155= IQ)

Private Message from nerdyy:

nerdyy: O_O
Guest_55155: O_O
Guest_55155: yo
nerdyy: how do u keep same numbers
Guest_55155: lol we dont have the same numbers
Guest_55155: dyslexic much :P
nerdyy: oops :O
Guest_55155: LOL :P
nerdyy: haha dyammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

September 20, 2012

Chicken Ey

IQ: what did you eat nerdy
Nerdyy: xhixwkwn sandwich

September 17, 2012


IQ: Ok give me a song
IS: Ehsaan
IQ: You bum
IQ: I will slap you
IS: I will slap you also
IQ: That's a sad song
IS: So what?
IQ:  *gives cheek*  Leh!
IS: *slaps gently* Leh!
IQ:  Ek aur
IS: :O 

*ten minutes of laughter*

September 12, 2012

Oh dear

IQ: nadaan parinde ghar ajaaa nadaan parinde ghar aajaa
nerdyy: nadaaaaaaaaan parindeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
IQ: ghar ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZALIM RAPIST has left.
nerdyy: bye zaalim rapist
IQ: so shad
IQ: Zaalim rapist ghar aajaaaa 
IQ: not my ghar :blink
nerdyy: *laugh*
IQ: I dont think when I sing ::wacko

September 10, 2012


IS: When I go, I actually smile
IS: At people
IQ: Yea yea at women I know
IS: Yes
IS: Noooooooooo
IQ: Haha. See
IS: Nooo, I smile at people
IS: Not women
IQ: So, women aren't people?
IS: Haan
IQ: *laughing*
IS: I smile at women
IQ: Yes see
IS: Women AND men
IQ: *laughing*
IS: I even smile at children
IQ: Really :O *still laughing*

September 5, 2012


IQ: Yea
IS: Ehm I think you need to go pee?
IQ: Huh
IS: You were looking troubled just now
IQ: Watda O_O
IQ: ....
IS: No?

*ten minutes of laughter*

September 4, 2012

Growing Things

IQ: Did it seriously stop growing
IS: :O WHattt? *5 mins of laughter*
IS: Omg. You ask such random stuff

*5 more minutes of laughter*

IQ: Uff. Dont make me laugh
IS: You made me laugh *still laughing*
IS: "My coke exploded"
IS: "Did it seriously stop growing"

*10 mins of laughter*

IQ: I can't breathe
IS: You cannot put this into Golden Memories
IQ: *still laughing*