March 23, 2010


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22:10 IQ says:  uhuh

22:10 IQ says:  suuuuuure

22:10 H2 says: whats that you have a tower in Toronto

22:10 H2 says: whats its called?

22:10 Anar says:  i don't drink SLAP

22:10 IQ says: cd

22:10 Anar says: i was drunk on china happiness

22:10 H2 says: yeah on top of it

22:10 IQ says: ppl buy em from bestbuy and put cds in them

22:10 IQ says: cd towers

22:11 IQ says: CN :p

22:11 H2 says: ?

22:11 Anar says: !skip

22:11 Anar says: i want hunterz gaana

22:11 IQ says: excuse me ?

22:11 IQ says: you did not just skipify my song

22:11 Anar says: yes excuse you

22:11 H2 says: they dont have towers in china

22:11 Anar says: oh i just DID

22:11 IQ says: NO U DID NOT

22:12 IQ says: if u got a problem with MY song then get on a stool and tell it to my face girl

22:12 Anar says: *gets on a stool**

22:12 Anar says: **i don't like your song**


22:12 Anar says: asks DJ to skip this song please

22:12 IQ says: aite shorty that's good nuff

22:13 Anar says: dude u know wht's werid

22:13 Anar says: i have these phases

22:13 Anar says: like i am hyper

22:13 Anar says: but then out of nowhere

22:13 Anar says: the hyperness goes away

22:13 Anar says: like a saline bottle getting over

22:14 IQ says: haan pata ae pata ae

22:14 IQ says: saline

22:14 IQ says: yeh saline bottle kahan se ayi

22:14 Anar says: the iv fluids bottle

22:14 IQ says: LMAOOOOOOOO oh that

22:14 IQ says: weirdo

22:14 IQ says: what kind of examples you give

22:14 Anar says: slap

22:14 IQ says: pals

22:14 Anar says: i want more joose

22:15 IQ says: sorry jammers khatam

22:15 IQ says: mere bhi

22:15 IQ says: whats your fav flavour

22:16 Anar says: get readyyyyy

22:16 IQ says: im ready thank you very much

22:16 Anar says: anything

22:16 IQ says: been ready for a long time