December 10, 2013

Coffee Break

guest-123: hi can i get a medium double double please
Tim_Hortons: lol
Tim_Hortons: yes sure
guest-123: thanks
guest-123: i also want a bagel
Tim_Hortons: 1 75 plz
guest-123: you forgot to charge me for the bagel
Tim_Hortons: which one?
Tim_Hortons: wth chocco
guest-123: plain, toasted with herb and garlic cream cheese
guest-123: only half cream cheese please
Tim_Hortons: ok
guest-123: thanks
Tim_Hortons: take it n dont come here plz
guest-123: why
Tim_Hortons: maxi
guest-123: i love tim hortons
guest-123: maxi?
Tim_Hortons: asl plz
guest-123: CANADA
Tim_Hortons: i know
Tim_Hortons: sex n age?
Tim_Hortons: i know about urs location
guest-123: You know mine? So you are asking about Tim Horton's asl?
guest-123: Well he is male
guest-123: and no longer alive
Tim_Hortons: u r knockin wrong door my friend
Tim_Hortons: im male
guest-123: okay

*few minutes later*

guest-123: hello
guest-123: i'd like a refill please for my coffee
Tim_Hortons: ?
Tim_Hortons: wtf

November 30, 2013

Mic Schedule 1 2

Wanderer: I listened to it a gazillion time to double schedule
How does check become schedule?
What in the world is wrong with auto correct



hey jimme
guess what!
wrong person
your name is not jimme!
okies bye..
*runs away*

October 17, 2013

Besharam Babies+ Girl Talk + Crying Nerdyy

Wanderer: talking about punching and bruising

Wanderer: i just remembered a day last year

Wanderer: in physics class

Wanderer: tigress and i were bored

Wanderer: so we started slapping each other

Wanderer: then we punched each other

Wanderer: she almost fell off her chair too
Wanderer: then the next day

Wanderer: we found bruises on ourselves
nerdyy: where have i landed up

Wanderer: *punches nerdyy*

nerdyy: punches W back

Tinbergen: UFF 

nerdyy: breaks her nose

Tinbergen: YOU KIDS

Wanderer: *slaps IQ and makes slapping noise*

nerdyy: LOL

Tinbergen: I TURN MY BACK

Wanderer: she's jealous
Tinbergen: and you turn into animals

Wanderer: she wants to beat up as well

Tinbergen: no i beat him up enough 

Tinbergen: im good

Tinbergen: now its ur turn

nerdyy: LOL

Tinbergen: turn around time for spankies

Wanderer: LOL

Tinbergen: nerdy dnt get excited
Wanderer: *turns around*

Tinbergen: leh

Tinbergen: LOL

Wanderer: yeh lehhh

Wanderer: maar

Tinbergen: *runs away while she is facing other way*

Wanderer: *victory dance*

Wanderer: made IQ bevkoof
Tinbergen: *runs back with garden hose and soaks her with freezin cold water*

nerdyy: W that doesnt take a lot of effort

Tinbergen: nerdy dont get excited again
Wanderer: LOL
Wanderer: thanks for the shower
Wanderer: needed it
Tinbergen: yeh smelly aurat u needed it

Tinbergen: yes

Wanderer: LOL

Tinbergen: :i know
Wanderer: i am only temporarily smelly

Wanderer: u are sada-smelly

nerdyy: orrite after yesterdays expereience im leavign arnd 4 30 today

Tinbergen: i am smelly in all the sexy ways

Tinbergen: okay

 nerdyy:  what sexy ways

Wanderer: LOL

Tinbergen: delightful to the senses ways

nerdyy:  elaborate

Wanderer: why is it that all of our convos always lead to sexy talk
Wanderer: g strings

Wanderer: sharamful dupattas

Wanderer: sexy smells

Tinbergen: oh geez

Tinbergen: its the asar of this place

Tinbergen: the aromas seeping thru the cracks of the doors from masala

Tinbergen: and family six

Wanderer: six?
nerdyy: dont forget laylaa writing abt teddies on glam

Tinbergen: lol
Tinbergen: suhaag raats

nerdyy: too much work

Wanderer: suhaaaaag raaaaaaaat haii

Wanderer: ghungat uthaa raha hu maiii

nerdyy:  u dont have to go into all the details

nerdyy: spare us

Wanderer: its a song 

Wanderer: otherwise i am not taking my ghunghat off
nerdyy: kabhie kabhie

Wanderer: nerdyy ke dil mai

Wanderer: khayal aata hai

nerdyy:  ke jaise tujhko banaya gyaa hai mere liye

Wanderer: ke jaise IQ ko banaya gaya haiii thappar marnee ke liyee
Tinbergen: the last time i came in

nerdyy: LOL

Tinbergen: it was World Wrestlign Federation

nerdyy: yes

nerdyy: now its suhaag raat

Tinbergen: oh geez

nerdyy: cover ur eyes with ur sharamful dupatta miss iq

Wanderer: *blinks*

Wanderer: sharamful dupatta on besharam aurat
nerdyy: ur innocence will be destroyed

Tinbergen: they is jhuki palkofied

Wanderer: ajeeb combo

Tinbergen: ajeeb nahin
 nerdyy:  W

Tinbergen: mindblowing combo
Wanderer: ajeeeeeeeeeeeb comboo haii yehhh

Tinbergen: ajeeb tera muh

Wanderer: kaha sharam kahaa hai IQ

Tinbergen: ajeeb tera bumbum

Wanderer: yeh dupataaa haii kiskaaaaaaaa... naa pehnengee hummm

Tinbergen: mrs sharmas dupatta

Tinbergen: no no he only goes for mrs

Wanderer: aunties 

Tinbergen: and ur in luck
Tinbergen: since ur an aunty also
Wanderer: you're a babbyy

Tinbergen: *protects cheeks*

Wanderer: squishy cheeks baby

Tinbergen: nerdy she was pullin my cheeks last night
Wanderer: *pinches*

nerdyy: besharam baby?

Wanderer: all babies are besharam

Wanderer: they come with no clothes
Tinbergen: yes we are nangu

Tinbergen: and happily nangu

Wanderer: some people stay nangu though

Tinbergen: our smiles dress us best
Wanderer: *looks at tinbu*

Tinbergen: our vomit dresses everyone else
Tinbergen: excuse me

 Tinbergen: i am dressed

Wanderer: lol vomiting babies

Tinbergen: and nicely

Wanderer: my sis gott vomitted on so many times
Wanderer: when our cousin was born

Tinbergen: by you
Tinbergen: LOL

Tinbergen: oh

Wanderer: the baby ONLY

Wanderer: vomitted on her
Wanderer: i was like,, she hates you

nerdyy: i was wondering how W wud remember that

Tinbergen: LOLLLL

Wanderer: did i show you my cousins baby

Wanderer: the CUTE CUTE CUTE one

Tinbergen: yes you did
Wanderer: she has the most squishy cute cheeks

Tinbergen: cousin
Wanderer: yesh
nerdyy: baby talk or fashion talk or lipstick talk

Tinbergen: lol nerdy

Wanderer: lipstick!

Tinbergen: i thought you zoned out at the mere mention of mrs sharma

Wanderer: i like lipstick
Wanderer: but not like crazy colours

Wanderer: neutral

Tinbergen: i prefer lip buttah

Wanderer: i like chapstick lol

Tinbergen: nerdy is crying

Tinbergen: in pain

Tinbergen: figuratively


September 26, 2013

Daru Desi

IQ: I took your suggestion 
IS: Why are you smirking
IQ: And went out to execute it
IS: Execute kya
IQ: Videshi daru is (smirks more) lovely
IS: Aha. Which one you had 
IQ: Red. Something
IS:  Hahaha RED
IQ: The label was red. I forget what its called though.
 IS: Red Label?
IQ: Abey I told you the label is red na. But I forgot what its called.
IS: Abey theres red, green, blue , black label
IQ: (think) let me google
IS: Johnnie walker
IQ: *laughs*
IS: Red is the cheapest. And worst.
IQ: Oh maaaan.
IS: Ki
IQ: Give me da best then.
IS: Blue is 
IQ: I dont want blue.
IQ: I want PINK
IS: Theres no pink ki aa
IS: Its not the actual color of the daaru hahaha
IQ: No dont lieeeeeeee
IS: They're all browny
IQ: Give it. You're hiding it 
IS: I don't have
IQ: Give whatever you have. GIVE.
IS: ....... *gives water*
IQ: Yeh kya hai. I dont need to wash my face. 


IS: *gives rose milk*
IQ:  Its poisoned
IS: Its not
IQ: It is. You drink it then. Then we wait and see
IS:  *drinks lil *
IQ: No. more. Drink up. Bottoms up.
IS: Milk ughh
IQ: See see, poison!
IS: Oh nautanki

September 25, 2013

What Made You Laugh Today?


While talking with IS

IS: What you messaging me on yahoo for??
IS: *blinks*
IQ: Umm...Oops wrong guy.


In middle of a relatively normal conversation:

nerdyy: row row row ur boat gently donw the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream

IQ: LOL wth
IQ: *shakes u*
IQ: haalat ko kya hua

September 20, 2013

The Logic of My Friends

M: Hellooooooooooooooooo iqoooo how are?

IQ: Ello mans did you get my msg LOL im good and im ready and waiting.

IQ: BTW did you just wake up? You know you missed the "you" word when you asked me "how are" HAHA

M: Lol I didn't miss the you cus I know I am sendin it to you so why write you

IQ: ....

IQ: -_-

M: haha just joking yea I am leaving now so we will see you meeeooowwwww

September 10, 2013


helooo: asl

 helooo: wanna cat

 helooo has left.

No Books in the Library

IQ sitting in the library, waiting for IS.

IS looking from the entrance.

IS: Ok tell me where you are.

IQ: I'm at the back wall behind those book shelves on your far left.

IS: I don't see any books.

(in the library)

August 23, 2013


Wanderer: im gonna make u something
Wanderer: new avatar
IQ: LOL oh god



IQ: *cries* LOL
Wanderer: LOL
Wanderer: you look sexy
IQ: hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah. NO.
Wanderer: if u make this ur avatar
Wanderer: ull make new followers
IQ: nooooooooooooooo
IQ: he'll disown me
Wanderer: LOL
IQ: Whattttttttttttttttttttttttt a makeover
IQ: Thts like a makeunder
IQ: oww my cheeks
IQ: haahhahaahaha
Wanderer: LOL
Wanderer: Sorry im still laughing
IQ: hahahahahhahaha everytime i scroll up n peek at it
IQ: ok I need to close this for 2 mins and calm down

August 15, 2013

Laylaa Can Cook !!!!

laylaa: i can cook you know im a 10% cook
nerdyy: yeah 10% cook .. coffee
laylaa: fine make fun of me but i can cook rice and pasta
nerdyy: oh you can :O
laylaa: yes i watched my mum cook rice
nerdyy: :laugh :laugh

July 27, 2013


IQ: Here I have a recipe for you... Simple Sesame Noodles

IS:  Just toss in sesame seeds on noodles?

IQ:  What? NOOO *dies laughing* Tu na.

IS: Hahaha. Oh then?

IQ: Read it!

IS: Ummmmmmm [still not checking] but I dont have sesame noodles, just egg noodles.

IQ: *slaps forehead*

July 22, 2013


Angel:  Awww
Angel:  u still have tht baby face 
IQ: But of course.  Always will
IQ: I live by my motto: to grow longer, stronger and younger

IQ: Longer, I realize, might seem weird seeing as I am a girl but for the sake of rhyming, taller does not fit in, you see.
Angel: LOL

IQ: Do not by any chance think I am looking into becoming a tranny.
Angel: uhuh thanks for confirming that lol
IQ: You are very welcome

IQ: Considering your mental state one might be worried you may spend half a night pondering about what happened to IQ, and if she does become a male maybe you would be interested in proffering your biodata to him when the operation is through.
Angel: man i am sleepy
Angel: LOL

June 27, 2013


hamraaz: hello
Kimiko:  hello
hamraaz: how are you  ?
Kimiko: I am great, thanks. how are you   ?
hamraaz: welcome
hamraaz: fine
hamraaz: 35  m  dubai
hamraaz: and you ?
Kimiko: 42 f hong kong
hamraaz: ok
hamraaz: are you beatiful?
Kimiko: yes. you can google me i am in google images kimiko date-krumm
Kimiko:  :)
hamraaz: ok
hamraaz: but can we chat on y a  h o o ?
Kimiko: i do not use ya hoo
Kimiko: it is sinful
hamraaz: ok
Kimiko: thank u for understanding xiexie

Work it

From: Nerdyy; To: IQ

 cya tomm gnite :P

From: IQ; To: Nerdyy

man i was here most of the day and ur bum wasn't!

From: Nerdyy; To: IQ

 :O mah bum was busy with work :P (ok maybe that isnt the best way to say it LOLL)

June 26, 2013


Masti Voice Chat: hi
Masti Voice Chat: like dirty abusive voice chat on my wife
Bouchard: Why?
Masti Voice Chat: fuk
Bouchard: Weirdo
Bouchard: You actually sit on your wife and voice chat without taking a bath?
Bouchard: That is just ..... no words, man.
Bouchard: Heights of WEIRD.

*silence for 10 mins*

Masti Voice Chat has sent sound: ambulance

June 21, 2013

Agency Vehicle

Yes - we have a gas guzzler as the vehicle for our agency, but fear not - soon we will have a hybrid Lexus RX :P


June 18, 2013

And Yet More Random

baddboy29:  hi can i join u all?
baddboy29: pls
sweetpotato:  no
baddboy29: are u dominating nerdy?
sweetpotato: maybe
baddboy29: yr asl pls
sweetpotato: no
baddboy29: m, 29,ind here
baddboy29: do let me join and serve u if u are fem
sweetpotato: no
sweetpotato: i have enough slaves
sweetpotato: thanks tho
baddboy29: u are femme?
sweetpotato: sometimes
baddboy29: ?
sweetpotato: depends on the pheloderm

*no reply; starts pvting nerdy about getting whipped*

baddboy29: are u whipping nerdy now?
sweetpotato: no its recess time
sweetpotato: we're having fresh baked cookies
baddboy29: pls can i cum in now?

*ignored for some time*

baddboy29: hi again
sweetpotato: sorry all cookies are finished
baddboy29: what are u doing to him now?
sweetpotato: laughing at you with him
baddboy29: why?
sweetpotato: because soon everyone else will be
baddboy29: why
sweetpotato: just wait

June 17, 2013

This Ghost says Baa (not Boo)

IQ: Do you like gosht? *thinking*
Angel: Wht kinda random question is tht
IQ: Lol answer first then I will
Angel: No I dnt like ghosts cuz they r scary :P
IQ: mutton
IQ: slap slap slap
IQ: tum bhi na

June 2, 2013


IS: you shouldve named him socks
IS: he has white paws
IQ: not all are white
IS: well hes like u na
IQ: ki
IS: mismatching cocks
IQ: :O :O:O:O
IQ: LOL what u think of me
IS: tu wears diff sockies


IQ: uh huh


May 27, 2013

Phone Call

IQ : you know May is almost over... and its June soon so......
IS: Hmm yeah? so we need to have another fight? Still time?
IS: We've fought twice this month so u wanna more?
IQ: Nuh uh! THREE times. Three, not two, remember??
IS: Oh yes.... so more? still few days ?
IQ: *Giggles* Noo
IQ: So you need to cut something off
IS: ::blink
IS: :O ohhhhh smokes

After a bit...

IQ: Is your headache still hurting?
IS: Huh , yes my headache is still hurting ( Laughs )
IQ: See I'm not so smart when we actually talk
IS: ( keeps laughing)

May 26, 2013


I also want to be able to post a memory hmphh

Okay, this better be a memory Grrr

May 8, 2013

Random Moments of LOL

nerdyy: brb
nerdyy: guess whos back
nerdyy: apparently no body
nerdyy: dat is so mean
nerdyy: no hi
nerdyy: jus ignorin
Beauvoir: YO MAN HI
nerdyy: tis round


Beauvoir: layla's slap
Beauvoir: for the radha kaise na jale song
Beauvoir: LOL
nerdyy: first sleep
nerdyy: then slap
Beauvoir: LOL
Beauvoir: and
nerdyy: she is such a baby
Beauvoir: 'stalker alert'
Beauvoir: @ anonymouse
nerdyy: falls off chair again
Beauvoir: LOL
nerdyy: she was trying to convince me that kia is the baby of omega
Guest_219 (Layla) has joined.
Guest_219: gay ppl


Guest_219: u r not allowed 2 see any other guys
Beauvoir: im not seeing any other guys
Beauvoir: i dont even look at nerdy
Beauvoir: i look at his shoes
Beauvoir: when i talk to him


Guest_219: shes sleepin again
nerdyy: ye
nerdyy: shes been like this all afternoon
nerdyy: she needs sugar
Guest_219: shes been writin 2 mch 
nerdyy: she was screaming sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 
Beauvoir: sorry
Guest_219: im sure shes tired
nerdyy: sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Beauvoir: yes
nerdyy: on masala
Guest_219: sugar
nerdyy: and abt a 100 guys pm ed her

John Baybeeeeeeee

just LOL

May 3, 2013


There are many pieces that make up our lives: Moments that break us. Moments that raise and shape us. Decisions we make to hold on. Or let go. People who enter our lives and leave us changed forever. The ones we love, the ones that hurt us, or heal us, or leave us. Sometimes we don't understand these pieces—or even despair over them. It’s only when time goes by and we look back, that we suddenly can see our whole life like a perfectly designed puzzle. Don’t be afraid of the puzzle piece you’re in now. It will fit perfectly…just like the rest. How could it not? The Designer is perfect.

April 29, 2013

April 24, 2013


abhishek5939:  hi
abhishek5939:  i am abhishek here,can we chat pls?
Drunky_Eyes:  no we cannot
abhishek5939: a
abhishek5939: why not
Drunky_Eyes: cause i hate abhishek
abhishek5939: why do u hate abhishek
Drunky_Eyes: He's a fag
abhishek5939: which abhishek r u talking abt
Drunky_Eyes: you kutta sala
abhishek5939: dont abuse here
Drunky_Eyes: dont perve at me here
abhishek5939: ogi
abhishek5939: u r asl
Drunky_Eyes: oh man fu ck you


Fibonacci:  Kanjar leave Drunky alone!
Fibonacci: I'll kick your rotten teeth in.
abhishek5939: who is this 
Fibonacci: Your death

April 23, 2013

Poopy Talk

Calling Bhabhijee

heart****: babhi come pvt
nerdyy: where is bhabhi?
heart****: babhi aap ka skype kya he
nerdyy: heart**** note kar lo bhabhiwantstocookalooparanthafordevar @skype
heart****: ye kya nerdy
heart****: nerdy ye id he?
nerdyy: yes heart****
nerdyy: bhabhi ki id
heart****: babhi kya mast he?
nerdyy: bohut mast hai
heart****: tum uske sath kam kiya nerdy?
nerdyy: jee heart**** main uska sous chef tha
heart****: bhabhiwantstocookalooparanthafordevar
nerdyy: *smiles to himself*

April 22, 2013


Pavlov: Err 3582.  Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
Error SP673. Flooding detected. Your chat will be disconnected.

April 21, 2013

Sunday Dinner - Mattar Paneer for Da Gang

.... especially for Miss HMK :D

Yes everyone Mr Nerdyy aka Guruji aka Laddoo aka NerdyyJee aka Nahdee can also cook veggie food if he so desires :rolleyes  ... I owed Miss HMK a cooked veggie dinner, but everyone is welcome to share :P new spiceland friend is also eager to taste my food :P



This was made months ago and frozen

2 large onions
8-10 cloves garlic
One 2 inch square piece of ginger
Few Fresh Thai Chillies

Grind in a food processor until smooth. Drain the water using a cheesecloth.

Matar Paneer:


2-3 Tablespoons tomato paste
3-4 tablespoons oil
About half pound of matar (frozen usually)
About half pound of paneer bought from store (I used non fried kind and didnt fry it)
One teaspoon of cumin (I roasted whole cumin and ground it in a mortar/pestle)
Two tsp of coriander ground
Half tsp of turmeric
Half tsp chilli powder
Half tsp of garam masala powder
Two tsp amchoor

Heat oil, once hot add masala, cook for about half hour on high heat stirring constantly. When golden brown add tomato paste and stir for 15 mins. Deglaze pan witha little water and add frozen peas. Stir continuously for about 10 mins along with cumin coriander turmeric salt and chilli powder. Add four to five cups of water. Bring to a boil and add paneer and gently stir in. After boiling for abt 5 mins dim the stove to a simmer and cover. After about 30 mins add garam masala and amchoor and stir them in. You can  garnish with chopped fresh cilantro. Remove from stove.

ENJOY and Huggs to miss hmk :D

She feels Pretty

IQ: OMG Nerdyy has gone crazy dun dun dun :unsure
IQ: Oh well it was bound to happen one of these days :rolleyes
IQ: Thats what happens when you pay attention to all these different women :closedeyes
IQ: *eats a grapefroot* :wub
IQ: Oh grapefroot ...reminds me I have to paint my nails
IQ: *paints nails*
IQ: :scowl bloddy fone
IQ: *looks at nails and admires them*
IQ: I feeellllllllllll prettyyyyyyyyyyy oh so prettyyyyyyyyyyy
IQ: I feeelllllllllll prettyyyyyyyyy and wittyyyyyyyyy and brightttttttttttt
IQ: And I pityyyyyyyyyyyyy any girlllllllllllll who isntttttt me tonighttttttttt
IQ: :blush
IS: :O Miss IQ :O are you singing for the walls :O
IQ: :blush no I was singing for  you :rolleyes
IS: hmmphh why would you do that :unsure
IQ: :wacko
IS: I brought you paneer manchurian for lunch :dry

Hollyoaks meet Criminal Minds

Layla: Beeeduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :smoke time to go watch hollyoaks chop chop :closedeyes
IS: hmmphhh I would rather watch Criminal Minds
Layla: Beeduuuuuuuuuuu whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :wacko
IS: Hollyoaks sounds like SpiceLand Room ... all different skanks flirting all the time hmmmph
Layla: loooooooooooooool beeduuuuuuuuuu :laugh you can flirt with them too :tongue
IS: *looks at Miss IQ shiftily* hmmmph beedu i dont flirt
Layla: :O beeduu dont lie i heard about your escapades into the family sex room to learn about massage secrets
IS: :scowl one day im going to kill Guruji hmmph :closedeyes