April 29, 2013

April 24, 2013


abhishek5939:  hi
abhishek5939:  i am abhishek here,can we chat pls?
Drunky_Eyes:  no we cannot
abhishek5939: a
abhishek5939: why not
Drunky_Eyes: cause i hate abhishek
abhishek5939: why do u hate abhishek
Drunky_Eyes: He's a fag
abhishek5939: which abhishek r u talking abt
Drunky_Eyes: you kutta sala
abhishek5939: dont abuse here
Drunky_Eyes: dont perve at me here
abhishek5939: ogi
abhishek5939: u r asl
Drunky_Eyes: oh man fu ck you


Fibonacci:  Kanjar leave Drunky alone!
Fibonacci: I'll kick your rotten teeth in.
abhishek5939: who is this 
Fibonacci: Your death

April 23, 2013

Poopy Talk

Calling Bhabhijee

heart****: babhi come pvt
nerdyy: where is bhabhi?
heart****: babhi aap ka skype kya he
nerdyy: heart**** note kar lo bhabhiwantstocookalooparanthafordevar @skype
heart****: ye kya nerdy
heart****: nerdy ye id he?
nerdyy: yes heart****
nerdyy: bhabhi ki id
heart****: babhi kya mast he?
nerdyy: bohut mast hai
heart****: tum uske sath kam kiya nerdy?
nerdyy: jee heart**** main uska sous chef tha
heart****: bhabhiwantstocookalooparanthafordevar
nerdyy: *smiles to himself*

April 22, 2013


Pavlov: Err 3582.  Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
Error SP673. Flooding detected. Your chat will be disconnected.

April 21, 2013

Sunday Dinner - Mattar Paneer for Da Gang

.... especially for Miss HMK :D

Yes everyone Mr Nerdyy aka Guruji aka Laddoo aka NerdyyJee aka Nahdee can also cook veggie food if he so desires :rolleyes  ... I owed Miss HMK a cooked veggie dinner, but everyone is welcome to share :P ..my new spiceland friend is also eager to taste my food :P



This was made months ago and frozen

2 large onions
8-10 cloves garlic
One 2 inch square piece of ginger
Few Fresh Thai Chillies

Grind in a food processor until smooth. Drain the water using a cheesecloth.

Matar Paneer:


2-3 Tablespoons tomato paste
3-4 tablespoons oil
About half pound of matar (frozen usually)
About half pound of paneer bought from store (I used non fried kind and didnt fry it)
One teaspoon of cumin (I roasted whole cumin and ground it in a mortar/pestle)
Two tsp of coriander ground
Half tsp of turmeric
Half tsp chilli powder
Half tsp of garam masala powder
Two tsp amchoor

Heat oil, once hot add masala, cook for about half hour on high heat stirring constantly. When golden brown add tomato paste and stir for 15 mins. Deglaze pan witha little water and add frozen peas. Stir continuously for about 10 mins along with cumin coriander turmeric salt and chilli powder. Add four to five cups of water. Bring to a boil and add paneer and gently stir in. After boiling for abt 5 mins dim the stove to a simmer and cover. After about 30 mins add garam masala and amchoor and stir them in. You can  garnish with chopped fresh cilantro. Remove from stove.

ENJOY and Huggs to miss hmk :D

She feels Pretty

IQ: OMG Nerdyy has gone crazy dun dun dun :unsure
IQ: Oh well it was bound to happen one of these days :rolleyes
IQ: Thats what happens when you pay attention to all these different women :closedeyes
IQ: *eats a grapefroot* :wub
IQ: Oh grapefroot ...reminds me I have to paint my nails
IQ: *paints nails*
IQ: :scowl bloddy fone
IQ: *looks at nails and admires them*
IQ: I feeellllllllllll prettyyyyyyyyyyy oh so prettyyyyyyyyyyy
IQ: I feeelllllllllll prettyyyyyyyyy and wittyyyyyyyyy and brightttttttttttt
IQ: And I pityyyyyyyyyyyyy any girlllllllllllll who isntttttt me tonighttttttttt
IQ: :blush
IS: :O Miss IQ :O are you singing for the walls :O
IQ: :blush no I was singing for  you :rolleyes
IS: hmmphh why would you do that :unsure
IQ: :wacko
IS: I brought you paneer manchurian for lunch :dry

Hollyoaks meet Criminal Minds

Layla: Beeeduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :smoke time to go watch hollyoaks chop chop :closedeyes
IS: hmmphhh I would rather watch Criminal Minds
Layla: Beeduuuuuuuuuuu whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :wacko
IS: Hollyoaks sounds like SpiceLand Room ... all different skanks flirting all the time hmmmph
Layla: loooooooooooooool beeduuuuuuuuuu :laugh you can flirt with them too :tongue
IS: *looks at Miss IQ shiftily* hmmmph beedu i dont flirt
Layla: :O beeduu dont lie i heard about your escapades into the family sex room to learn about massage secrets
IS: :scowl one day im going to kill Guruji hmmph :closedeyes

April 20, 2013

Hair Oil Smelling Divine

Nerdyy: You wear Hair Oil
IQ: Yes any objections ?
Nerdyy: Didnt you say it smells like cough syrup
IQ: No you idiot only one of them do, mine smells divine :P
Nerdyy: Hmm let me check out the smell :D
IQ: Pick my white hairs while you're at it
Nerdyy: What about the blonde hairs bruahahhahha :D

R and Nerdyy Discussing Miss HMK

R: I miss her sooooo much ... you know ....Nerdy jeeee
Nerdyy: Yes I know I miss her too .... she has all these roolz i know that you love to rebel against ... and she can be an obstinate khoti sometimes ..... but when she makes you her friend she can and would do anything for you.
R: When will she come back ?
Nerdyy: When she's ready to be a goof again on Memories and BE :P
Nerdyy: In the meantime why dont u bake her a cake and I'll make her some veggie food
R: OK Nerdy Jeee .... with anyone else i wudve punched kicked and beat them up for doing this, with Miss IQ I feel like hugging her for ever
Nerdyy; Me too ...well I dont punch kick .... I usually get slapped n kicked :blush ... but yes I would like to hug her for a LONG time :P

April 17, 2013

Day 1 of 15

We Wait ... patiently :closedeyes

Omelet for da Morning Meal

 Reading thru Miss Roos post on wraps - I got inspired to post this for the adventurous chef among us all - Miss HMK :D

Hope you try this out someday - sounds very yumm and spicy :D

Kimchi Omelet With Sriracha Syrup (courtesy of New York Times)

Yield 1 main course serving, or 2 to 4 appetizer servings
Time 20 minutes
  • 1/2 cup rice vinegar
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons sriracha hot sauce, more to taste
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup kimchi, coarsely chopped
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • Salt, as needed
  • Black pepper, as needed
  • Toasted black sesame seeds, for garnish
  • Cilantro leaves, for garnish
  • 1. To make the sriracha syrup, in a small pot set over medium heat combine vinegar and sugar. Bring to a boil and simmer until syrup is reduced by about half, 6 to 8 minutes. Remove from heat and allow syrup to cool slightly. Stir in sriracha sauce and set aside while you make the omelet.
  • 2. In a small nonstick pan set over medium-high heat, add oil and warm until shimmering. Add kimchi and cook, stirring, until warm, about 30 seconds. Add eggs and quickly scramble mixture with a fork. Pat flat with a spatula; cook, without moving, until almost set but still slightly loose on top, 1 to 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Slide omelet onto a plate, folding half of it over the filling. Drizzle with sriracha syrup and garnish with sesame seeds and cilantro leaves.

April 12, 2013

Random Is Good

IQ: but its ok ... it means da grass n trees are gonna grow soon
Layla: oh yeh
Layla: true
IQ: all da watering n stuff
IQ: sighhh
IQ: then hottttttttttttttttt summah
Layla: nerdy
IQ: babyyyyyyyyy
Layla: wash ur hands
IQ: nerdy went to the basement
Layla: hot summah::Smoke
Layla: yesh yesh
IQ: he had a hot date waiting
Layla: i love summer
IQ: he ran down and locked the basement door
Layla: he did
IQ: ye
Layla: lol
IQ: dont try n imagine
IQ: wat they doing down there
IQ: put on earmuffs
IQ: all tht noise
Layla: they r cookin 4 me
IQ: yeah somethin is def cooking
Layla: time 2 chk soOoopAr doopAr blog
IQ: yayyy
Layla: still no talkin 2 rink  ?
IQ: no see no see
Layla: okey dokey
IQ: tu?
Layla: no
Layla: i jst cme now
IQ: oh well i meant if u had come anytime since last time
IQ: we talked
Layla: nah
IQ: aite
Layla: i shd chk kiara's blog too
Layla: i never do
IQ: lol yeah you should
IQ: she's def part of our lil famil
IQ: y
Layla: im so lazy
IQ: yes u are
IQ: im gonna make games up
Layla: yes
Layla: she is
IQ: on my blog
Layla: oooo games
IQ: little competitions
Layla: yesh   yesh
IQ: and quizzes
IQ: and fun stuff
Layla: yes
Layla: albela sajaan
Layla: nice song
Layla: n quizzzzes
Layla: good idea
Layla: i will deffo chk
IQ: i know
IQ: dam nerdy is havin a wild time down thre
Layla: yh
Layla: they r busy
Layla: cookin
Layla: chilly paneer
IQ: im sure it will be very spicy
Layla:   yes
Layla: n i love butterfly
IQ: i am hungry
IQ: lol
Layla: too many new songs
IQ: yeah kia
IQ: spamming 11 songs at once
IQ:   nerdy
Layla: shes like meeh
Layla: yes yess
Layla: i love her
nerdyy: i went to my storage room
IQ: yes we know
IQ: good hiding place
Layla: nerdy did u flush
nerdyy: yes
IQ: for discreet meetings
nerdyy:    flush
Layla: hows mrs pinto
Layla: n verma
nerdyy: mrs pinto is awesome
IQ: nerdy did u scrol up?
Layla: pucho na kaiseee
nerdyy: oh lemme
Layla: maiin raine bitai
Layla: what a song   twinna
IQ: yes  now imagine that remixed with albela sajan
Layla: i cant
Layla: im lost
Layla: lol
IQ: they're the same raag
IQ:   lost
nerdyy:    wash ure hands
Layla: really same
IQ: lolllllllllllllllll
Layla: oi
Layla: i tho hes gone for wee wee
nerdyy:    yeah i have to go to my storage room for wee wee
IQ: we had earmuffs on
Layla: sumthin is deffo cookin
nerdyy: im ungry
nerdyy: hungry
Layla: and i need all info by 2morro mornin
IQ: me toooooooo
IQ: bery hungry
IQ: its mrs. storagewali
Layla: its 11pm ere
Layla: im sleepy
Layla: soooooooooooooooo cold
IQ: so cold
IQ: cold
IQ: burp
Layla: lol
IQ: reeeeeeeeeeeeee sa dha ni ma
IQ: ma pa dha ni REEEEEEEEE sa
Layla: u like PINK
IQ: albelaaaaaaaaa
IQ: sajan aao
Layla: i mean really
IQ: lol
Layla: she looks like a man
IQ: some of her songs, i dont care that much for her
IQ: ye i know
Layla: songs well
IQ: lol
IQ: songs, when they suit a particular mood or situation
nerdyy: leftover carne asada taco
IQ: otherwise i wouldntve posted it
IQ: taco
nerdyy: hello orangu peachu
IQ: ello nerdyy
Layla: mood or situation  ohh la la
IQ: oooooooo la la
IQ: lol
IQ: thats what songs are for SLAP why ooh la laing
Layla: y am i smokin
IQ: lol i know
IQ: ur ekdum speechless di bachi
Layla: lol
Layla: im not speechless
IQ: then why repeating
IQ: n smoking
Layla: im just chkin be
IQ: coz u donno wat else to say bebe
Layla: listenin
IQ: lol ok
nerdyy: what song do i post in hungry mood
IQ: ruki sukhi roti
nerdyy: abbe
nerdyy: i need better song
Layla: ummmmmmm
nerdyy: main to bhelpoori kha raha tha
Layla: anil kappor
IQ: ek garam chai
nerdyy: tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karoon
Layla: oh garam chai
Layla: salman
Layla: good 1
IQ: wat was tht vada pao song?
nerdyy: i said hungry not thirsty
nerdyy: oh
IQ: batata
nerdyy: what is the chiken khurana
Layla: vada pao
Layla: u guys r really hungry
nerdyy: yes
Layla: where is beedoh
Layla: he shd cook 4 u both
IQ: batata vada song
IQ: madhuri anil
Layla: anil kapoor
IQ: hifazat
IQ: haan
Layla: let me utube
IQ: yes pls do
Layla: hifazat
Layla: song name?
Layla: batata vada
Layla: ?
Layla: wait utube
IQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CgAiQiT9N4
nerdyy: anyone want half a carne asada taco
nerdyy: its nicely warmed
IQ: beef
nerdyy: yes
Layla: ur not workin 2day?
IQ: slap!
nerdyy: no
IQ: he is off
IQ: for maternal leave
nerdyy: i was frm home
Layla: y
Layla: oh ok
nerdyy: yes im cleaning house
IQ: LOL@ oh ok
Layla: stop pickin onme
IQ: im not!
nerdyy: why
Layla: batata vada
IQ: its hilarious that u think its normal for nerdy to be on maternal leave
IQ: lolllllllll
IQ: hilarious song
IQ: bery champu
Layla: anil looks
Layla: gr8
IQ: thts before u were even born
nerdyy:    amit jee will kill you
Layla: maternal leave
Layla: yeh rip anil
Layla: say hellp 2 amit
nerdyy: batata vadaaaa
IQ: oh maternity leave
Layla: but anil is anil
nerdyy: dil nehin denaaaaa
nerdyy: denaaaaaaa parhaaaaaaaa
IQ: *flies*
Layla: maternity
Layla: is it tru nerdy
nerdyy: yes
nerdyy: my baby needed attenion
Layla: big batata vada
Layla: dat is biggg
Layla: baby
nerdyy: and some bleach

April 8, 2013

He was Due in April

nerdyy:    im liking april so far
IQ:   vhy vhy vhy
nerdyy: weather
IQ: May ::wub
nerdyy: new frnd
IQ: weather here still sucks
nerdyy: lots of work done in 8 days
IQ: lost a friend
IQ: overwhelming work
nerdyy: I cant believe how much work I've done
IQ: lol
IQ: well good na
nerdyy: well I had feb and march
IQ: feels accomplishful
nerdyy: I was due an april
IQ: oho you didnt tell me you were pregnant

nerdyy: an april not in april
nerdyy: wear glasses
IQ: oh yes

April 6, 2013

Competition amongst Massage Providers

Lately I've been into making things up on the fly ... this memory nugget has partially been created out of my imagination - most of it though is very real :D

Nerdyy: Your massage provider (me) is here to relieve you of all your day to day stresses
IQ: Oh :O :blush
Nerdyy: However our business only provides decent massages, if you want kinky massages I can provide you with Mr Smokes number - hes the professional kinky massage provider
IQ: Oh pray do provide me that :wink
Nerdyy: Well - we actually dont carry our competitors numbers :closedeyes Every kinky massage provider is a competitor.

After a 10 min gap

Nerdyy: IQ
IQ: Nerdyy
Nerdyy: IS was here
IQ: :O Oh
Nerdyy: He hung around for a few minutes and then went to the family sex room
IQ: :O LOLLL oh my
Nerdyy: I think he went to get some first hand training about kinky massages

April 4, 2013

Just Because....

Kiara: I'm going to TOIFA, and guess who's hosting.
Kiara: that's right
Kiara: the cute sexy man himself

IQ: Okay have fun getting the doesn't-know-I-exist treatment from him amongst the crowd of we-ALL-love-you-Ranbir girls

Kiara:  Oh lol

IQ: LOL@oh hahahahaha

Kiara: Lol I couldnt think of what to sleep
Kiara: Say*
Kiara: I was talking about sleep with mom lol
Kiara: What do I wear

IQ: To get Ranbir's attention?