October 17, 2013

Besharam Babies+ Girl Talk + Crying Nerdyy

Wanderer: talking about punching and bruising

Wanderer: i just remembered a day last year

Wanderer: in physics class

Wanderer: tigress and i were bored

Wanderer: so we started slapping each other

Wanderer: then we punched each other

Wanderer: she almost fell off her chair too
Wanderer: then the next day

Wanderer: we found bruises on ourselves
nerdyy: where have i landed up

Wanderer: *punches nerdyy*

nerdyy: punches W back

Tinbergen: UFF 

nerdyy: breaks her nose

Tinbergen: YOU KIDS

Wanderer: *slaps IQ and makes slapping noise*

nerdyy: LOL

Tinbergen: I TURN MY BACK

Wanderer: she's jealous
Tinbergen: and you turn into animals

Wanderer: she wants to beat up as well

Tinbergen: no i beat him up enough 

Tinbergen: im good

Tinbergen: now its ur turn

nerdyy: LOL

Tinbergen: turn around time for spankies

Wanderer: LOL

Tinbergen: nerdy dnt get excited
Wanderer: *turns around*

Tinbergen: leh

Tinbergen: LOL

Wanderer: yeh lehhh

Wanderer: maar

Tinbergen: *runs away while she is facing other way*

Wanderer: *victory dance*

Wanderer: made IQ bevkoof
Tinbergen: *runs back with garden hose and soaks her with freezin cold water*

nerdyy: W that doesnt take a lot of effort

Tinbergen: nerdy dont get excited again
Wanderer: LOL
Wanderer: thanks for the shower
Wanderer: needed it
Tinbergen: yeh smelly aurat u needed it

Tinbergen: yes

Wanderer: LOL

Tinbergen: :i know
Wanderer: i am only temporarily smelly

Wanderer: u are sada-smelly

nerdyy: orrite after yesterdays expereience im leavign arnd 4 30 today

Tinbergen: i am smelly in all the sexy ways

Tinbergen: okay

 nerdyy:  what sexy ways

Wanderer: LOL

Tinbergen: delightful to the senses ways

nerdyy:  elaborate

Wanderer: why is it that all of our convos always lead to sexy talk
Wanderer: g strings

Wanderer: sharamful dupattas

Wanderer: sexy smells

Tinbergen: oh geez

Tinbergen: its the asar of this place

Tinbergen: the aromas seeping thru the cracks of the doors from masala

Tinbergen: and family six

Wanderer: six?
nerdyy: dont forget laylaa writing abt teddies on glam

Tinbergen: lol
Tinbergen: suhaag raats

nerdyy: too much work

Wanderer: suhaaaaag raaaaaaaat haii

Wanderer: ghungat uthaa raha hu maiii

nerdyy:  u dont have to go into all the details

nerdyy: spare us

Wanderer: its a song 

Wanderer: otherwise i am not taking my ghunghat off
nerdyy: kabhie kabhie

Wanderer: nerdyy ke dil mai

Wanderer: khayal aata hai

nerdyy:  ke jaise tujhko banaya gyaa hai mere liye

Wanderer: ke jaise IQ ko banaya gaya haiii thappar marnee ke liyee
Tinbergen: the last time i came in

nerdyy: LOL

Tinbergen: it was World Wrestlign Federation

nerdyy: yes

nerdyy: now its suhaag raat

Tinbergen: oh geez

nerdyy: cover ur eyes with ur sharamful dupatta miss iq

Wanderer: *blinks*

Wanderer: sharamful dupatta on besharam aurat
nerdyy: ur innocence will be destroyed

Tinbergen: they is jhuki palkofied

Wanderer: ajeeb combo

Tinbergen: ajeeb nahin
 nerdyy:  W

Tinbergen: mindblowing combo
Wanderer: ajeeeeeeeeeeeb comboo haii yehhh

Tinbergen: ajeeb tera muh

Wanderer: kaha sharam kahaa hai IQ

Tinbergen: ajeeb tera bumbum

Wanderer: yeh dupataaa haii kiskaaaaaaaa... naa pehnengee hummm

Tinbergen: mrs sharmas dupatta

Tinbergen: no no he only goes for mrs

Wanderer: aunties 

Tinbergen: and ur in luck
Tinbergen: since ur an aunty also
Wanderer: you're a babbyy

Tinbergen: *protects cheeks*

Wanderer: squishy cheeks baby

Tinbergen: nerdy she was pullin my cheeks last night
Wanderer: *pinches*

nerdyy: besharam baby?

Wanderer: all babies are besharam

Wanderer: they come with no clothes
Tinbergen: yes we are nangu

Tinbergen: and happily nangu

Wanderer: some people stay nangu though

Tinbergen: our smiles dress us best
Wanderer: *looks at tinbu*

Tinbergen: our vomit dresses everyone else
Tinbergen: excuse me

 Tinbergen: i am dressed

Wanderer: lol vomiting babies

Tinbergen: and nicely

Wanderer: my sis gott vomitted on so many times
Wanderer: when our cousin was born

Tinbergen: by you
Tinbergen: LOL

Tinbergen: oh

Wanderer: the baby ONLY

Wanderer: vomitted on her
Wanderer: i was like,, she hates you

nerdyy: i was wondering how W wud remember that

Tinbergen: LOLLLL

Wanderer: did i show you my cousins baby

Wanderer: the CUTE CUTE CUTE one

Tinbergen: yes you did
Wanderer: she has the most squishy cute cheeks

Tinbergen: cousin
Wanderer: yesh
nerdyy: baby talk or fashion talk or lipstick talk

Tinbergen: lol nerdy

Wanderer: lipstick!

Tinbergen: i thought you zoned out at the mere mention of mrs sharma

Wanderer: i like lipstick
Wanderer: but not like crazy colours

Wanderer: neutral

Tinbergen: i prefer lip buttah

Wanderer: i like chapstick lol

Tinbergen: nerdy is crying

Tinbergen: in pain

Tinbergen: figuratively