March 16, 2012

Baba bachao

Friendship 101.
What to do in a random moment of silence: Burst out singing.

IQ: I say Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo baby turn the lights off
Phantom: Baabaaaaaaaaaaa.............. Babaa..........................

...maybe not simultaneously.

IQ: wthhhhhhhhhh
Phantom: lollllll
IQ: Omg
IQ: I laughed out loud
IQ: ..still am
Phantom: listen to bohemian ballet ---- deep forest
Phantom: on headfones
IQ: Ah
IQ: I need to stop laughing first 

...and still, minutes later...

Phantom: i'm not THAT scared of u
Phantom: lollllllllllll
IQ: hahahahahahahahhaha
Phantom: lollll
IQ: im crying hahahaha
Phantom: i'm imagining an old hindi rape scene
IQ: hahahahahahhaha
Phantom: with hero n heroine switched places
IQ: im singing such a sexy song n u go babaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Phantom: tht was purely coincidental
Phantom: thats the beauty of it
Phantom: i have heartburn
Phantom: laffing
IQ: cheeks
IQ: hurt

March 1, 2012


Phantom: tv is still arriving
Phantom: I bought a tv stand but I think the height is less
Phantom: what to do?
nerdyy: put the tv under the stand