April 27, 2012

Penny for Thought

Sniper: hum to gye bazar lene ko roti ..roti woti kuch na mili peeche pad gyi moti
nerdyy: beer
Sniper: re mama re
Sniper: re mama re mama re
IQ: lol (actually looking through bag for money)
IQ: man
IQ: i just got pennies
Sniper: i aint begging i am trying to bore
IQ: lol oh

April 26, 2012


nerdyy: thank u for the beer hot nerdy hick i met at the bar
nerdyy: chick*
nerdyy: oops

April 24, 2012

Who, me?

IQ:  someone came by
IQ: said  "hey sexy mexys"
IQ: somehow I feel this is personal

nerdyy: sexy mexys
IQ: I felt singled out