July 20, 2012


IS: i think Layla is mad

IQ: lol kyun?

IS: she sees chicken everywhere :/

IQ: LOL yes

IS: or shes just programmed to say chicken

IQ: hahaha i know


IQ: i thought that in the morning hahahahahaha

IS: i was like shes a bot

July 19, 2012

Yes Maam

IQ: oops
nerdyy: yes mama
IQ: no i didnt remb any numbers
nerdyy: maam*
nerdyy: oops
IQ: LOL mama
IQ:   hahaha
nerdyy:    haha
IQ: oh
nerdyy: mah typos
IQ: my
IQ: god

July 15, 2012


IQ: I wonder when its gonna rain here
IQ: It's showing rain on sunday
IQ: hmm
nerdyyy: yes its gowing there
nerdyyy: going
nerdyyy: wth
nerdyyy: thats not a typo thats a brain freeze
IQ: oh my god

July 5, 2012

Layla On Drums

Phantom: oh btw all u lesser mortals u're talking to a future rockstar
IQ: You got guitar
Layla: tum binnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn kyaaaaaaaaaaaa hai jeeeeeeeeenaa
Layla: kyaa hai jeeeeeeeena
Phantom: lolllll yup
IQ: what kind
IQ: what's it look like
Layla: tum binnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Layla: listenin 2 on youtbe
Layla: dam..
Phantom: it looks like a guitar to me
Phantom: yh i'm self learning fingers hurt
IQ: yesh
Layla: u tried key board?
IQ: I havent played in so long
IQ: keyboard meri jaan
Phantom: keyboard is too easy its for kids
Layla: yeh dats y i asked u did u try keyboard
IQ: kids
Layla: since its 4 kids
Phantom: yh i have tried, my initial plan was to buy it.. then i got hooked to eletric guitar
IQ: lol
IQ: good u learn
IQ: then we have omega band
Phantom: loll
Layla: lol
Layla: omega banf
IQ: yesh
Layla: band*
IQ: Layla what will u play
Layla: what will i do
Phantom: taka will be our drummer
Layla: i cant sing i cnt play .%%%%
IQ: I was imagining that also
Phantom: beating hell outta the drums
Layla: ::blink..............................

July 4, 2012


Guest_47360: *burps*
Guest_725078: open da window
Guest_725078: its smelly
Guest_47360: it was a water burp
Guest_725078: water n air
Guest_725078: ewww
Guest_47360: lol
Guest_47360: *falls asleeeepp*
Guest_725078: i think i need to poop again
Guest_47360: and u ew at my clean lil burp
Guest_47360: geez man