September 26, 2013

Daru Desi

IQ: I took your suggestion 
IS: Why are you smirking
IQ: And went out to execute it
IS: Execute kya
IQ: Videshi daru is (smirks more) lovely
IS: Aha. Which one you had 
IQ: Red. Something
IS:  Hahaha RED
IQ: The label was red. I forget what its called though.
 IS: Red Label?
IQ: Abey I told you the label is red na. But I forgot what its called.
IS: Abey theres red, green, blue , black label
IQ: (think) let me google
IS: Johnnie walker
IQ: *laughs*
IS: Red is the cheapest. And worst.
IQ: Oh maaaan.
IS: Ki
IQ: Give me da best then.
IS: Blue is 
IQ: I dont want blue.
IQ: I want PINK
IS: Theres no pink ki aa
IS: Its not the actual color of the daaru hahaha
IQ: No dont lieeeeeeee
IS: They're all browny
IQ: Give it. You're hiding it 
IS: I don't have
IQ: Give whatever you have. GIVE.
IS: ....... *gives water*
IQ: Yeh kya hai. I dont need to wash my face. 


IS: *gives rose milk*
IQ:  Its poisoned
IS: Its not
IQ: It is. You drink it then. Then we wait and see
IS:  *drinks lil *
IQ: No. more. Drink up. Bottoms up.
IS: Milk ughh
IQ: See see, poison!
IS: Oh nautanki

September 25, 2013

What Made You Laugh Today?


While talking with IS

IS: What you messaging me on yahoo for??
IS: *blinks*
IQ: Umm...Oops wrong guy.


In middle of a relatively normal conversation:

nerdyy: row row row ur boat gently donw the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream

IQ: LOL wth
IQ: *shakes u*
IQ: haalat ko kya hua

September 20, 2013

The Logic of My Friends

M: Hellooooooooooooooooo iqoooo how are?

IQ: Ello mans did you get my msg LOL im good and im ready and waiting.

IQ: BTW did you just wake up? You know you missed the "you" word when you asked me "how are" HAHA

M: Lol I didn't miss the you cus I know I am sendin it to you so why write you

IQ: ....

IQ: -_-

M: haha just joking yea I am leaving now so we will see you meeeooowwwww

September 10, 2013


helooo: asl

 helooo: wanna cat

 helooo has left.

No Books in the Library

IQ sitting in the library, waiting for IS.

IS looking from the entrance.

IS: Ok tell me where you are.

IQ: I'm at the back wall behind those book shelves on your far left.

IS: I don't see any books.

(in the library)