December 19, 2009

It's up to you to decide who is worth a second thought. If someone commits an act that is offensive to you, the choice is up to you whether to let it affect you or just take it in stride and let it remain a mere nothing to you. How much power will you let that person have over you is measured by the force of your own retaliation.

December 7, 2009

The strange thing is that even when you say you move on and when you find love again, it does not mean that new love ever deletes the loves of your past, in fact it just doesn't work that way. Yes, you've moved on but that person you once thought you loved, you still love, because that person isn't in them, that person was in you, a part of you, and for that very reason that person who they once were still lives on inside of you as any part of your past stays with you, and because you felt something, those feelings somewhere deep within you, buried or not, benign or not, distant or denied, it's still within you. You just have to be strong enough to recognize that and accept it, and continue to move forward. Only the weak start retracing their steps in order to go backwards, to what cannot be.

October 20, 2009

You can lose your pride to the one you love, rather than lose the one you love because of pride.

October 7, 2009

You don't need to walk the moon, or save a life in an emergency room. You don't need to calculate the speed of a falling star, or put out burning fires. Live life as well as you can by just being as good a person you can possibly be, and that's far and above more than enough.

September 26, 2009

I love my friends I wish them all the power to overome the little idiosyncrasies of petty issues and to love all and each other with as much goodness they truly possess in their hearts

August 28, 2009

You might be short, but you're as tall as you hold your head high.

July 8, 2009

Guddi: Sometimes love comes around & it knocks you down, just get back up when it knocks you down...

IQ: Just get back up when it knocks you down and slap it in five different directions and tell it to behave.

Guddi: ahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha
Most people are sad for no important reason but for a need to feel important.

June 24, 2009

If only it were possible to allow everyone around me to feel the same serenity within, and for them to understand that not everything is as much worth it as they think, and how much what really is worth it goes by without much simpler and happier everyone would be.

April 16, 2009

Falling in love is an upward process that defies gravity.