May 29, 2012


..LayLaaa..: lol i checked ur profile thing and check it out
..LayLaaa..: Guest_2929: Standard User, idle for 00:29:29 (hh:mm:ss)
..LayLaaa..: 29:29 just like ur nick
..LayLaaa..: guest 2929

May 24, 2012


IQ: Arrey voh tera vichar hai
IS: Arre itni shudh hindi mein vartalap :ehm wah ji wah :P
IS: Hum prassan hue balike ::rolleyes
IS: Atyant
IQ: O_O yo mans
IS: Ji Balike ab aap apne kaksh ki oor prasthan karne ka kasht karein
IQ: Aha kasht haran aha dukh haran, tera naaam tera naaaam rama ho kamal naina wale ho
IS: Oho aha :O Aavishmaan bhave hmphh
IQ: Ayushman bhava ::blink
IS: Haan bay lol
IQ: Maya saha nartitumicchasi kim?
IS: Kim jong wu
IQ: Kripaya kshyamatam O_o LOL

May 22, 2012

Control V

nerdyy has joined.
nerdyy: i can paste
nerdyy has left.

May 14, 2012


Phantom: y did u have to say that truth? y did u have to break my heart?
Phantom:   did that sound like a song?
Oceanwave: ^_^ yup
..LayLaaa..: its like how will i am says   am a heartbreakkerr am a heearttbreaaker 
..LayLaaa..: yehh it did 14 
IQ: does he sound straight or gay in his song now 
..LayLaaa..: str8
IQ: lol
..LayLaaa..: guys r like dat
Phantom:   thnx
..LayLaaa..: heartbreaker 
..LayLaaa..: no more emo
Phantom: then either i am not a guy or u r wrong  
IQ: did u read my blog  :O
IQ: lol
..LayLaaa..: no i aint been on it
..LayLaaa..: 4 longg
IQ: i know
IQ: thats why i was shocked
IQ: loll
..LayLaaa..: loooool
..LayLaaa..: Phantom is a girl ? ras gulla 
IQ: the title of todays one is called Heartbreak Warfare lol
Phantom: duh
IQ: i aint checking   why u asking me
Phantom: layls... imma kills u
..LayLaaa..: check check 
Phantom: and u too 29
..LayLaaa..: i have my doubts now
IQ:  lol
..LayLaaa..: cud b 50 50
IQ: i get nerdy
nerdyy has joined.
IQ: he can check
..LayLaaa..: i need proooof
IQ:  :O
IQ: omg
Phantom: lolllllllllllllllllllllllll
IQ:  :O
..LayLaaa..: nerdyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Err 3582.  Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
nerdyy:    ::rose
..LayLaaa..: welcome 
Err 3582.  Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
Phantom: lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
IQ: *faints*
Phantom: another classic
nerdyy: thats not too bad
nerdyy: not as bad as laylaas

May 11, 2012


IQ: psh  *glare* u unromantik
nerdyy: oh yeah ur dream house
IQ: yes
nerdyy: how bout forced nudity in the warm fire cottage
IQ:   i knewwww that was coming
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ:   *glare* no!
Phantom: lol
nerdyy: phantom must be like wtf
IQ: sounds like something outta a harlequin
Phantom: IQ:   no , it wont be forced
Phantom: :P
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: mind reader
IQ: hawwwwwww
Phantom: soryyy
Phantom: cudnt help it
IQ: *covers head with helmet*
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: *glare*
Phantom: lollll, u know what.. fear that ppl r reading ur mind is a sign of schizofrenia
Phantom: and i told u....I had read a story when i was a kid..abt a machine to read mind...and i believed that ppl cud read my mind for few days
IQ: yeah lol
IQ: see u could blog about that
Phantom: means I was schizophrenic  
IQ: no u dumbo
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: lol
Phantom: lollll
IQ: u ARE schizophrenic
nerdyy: "memories"
IQ: :P
nerdyy: ebginning
IQ: lol
IQ: in the ebginning the word was dog
nerdyy: ive officvially become a cartoon
IQ: *god
Phantom: omg   am i? am i mad? oh no.... *panics* i cant be
IQ: lol awww
nerdyy: officially *
IQ:  *laugh*
nerdyy: da mn
IQ: someone needs to hold 57 down
IQ: I get the morphine
Phantom: yes get some sexy nurse pls.... plsssssssssssssss
IQ: lol
nerdyy:    forced nudity?
IQ: i knew it
nerdyy:  *laugh*
nerdyy: 57 ure lucky day today
Phantom: nerds! ... not mine
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: he means to say if it were a sexy nurse it wont be forced
IQ: :P
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Phantom: where is the no exception guy when i need him
IQ: lol
IQ: whyyyy do u need him exactly
Phantom: to take care of nerds
IQ: erm
IQ: *unsure*
IQ: lol i think he ran
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Phantom: he forcing my nudity
IQ: *closedeyes*
Phantom: no? ok...maybe i was panicking
IQ: no im closing my eyes
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: while this nudity thing is being forced
nerdyy: i think iq was forcing ur nudity
IQ: :O
nerdyy: im innocent
nerdyy: *inncoent look * in my eyes
Phantom: nah ... she wont dare  
Phantom: lol
IQ: me iz no zaalim rapist
IQ: :O
Phantom: lol
Phantom: u're a naadaan rapist?
IQ: no
IQ: im me today
IQ: zaalim is only weekends
IQ: *smoke*
nerdyy: ah
nerdyy: i know zaalim sounded familiar
IQ: now I shouldn’t have said that
IQ: considering I’m usually not here on weekends
IQ: and you all might even believe that
IQ: :/
Phantom: lollll
nerdyy: yeah but zaalim rapist is
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: damn
Phantom: ur zaalim chat career is over  
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
IQ: ok
IQ: I can’t say anything rapist-like
adnan has joined.
IQ: hello nanda
Phantom: lol... do they have separate lingo?
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Bisono64 has joined.
adnan has left.
Bisono64: heerro?
IQ: i vill wape u
emberdad has joined.
IQ: baybay
Phantom: lolllllll
IQ: *wink*
Bisono64: ?
nerdyy:  *laugh*
emberdad: lol
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: *glare*
Bisono64: what the?
emberdad: :P
Phantom: lol
IQ: bison do u mind man
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: im like in da middle of ma rape scene yo
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Bisono64: ?
emberdad: :P
Phantom: *laugh*
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Bisono64: lolol
Bisono64 has left.
IQ: ok thanks
emberdad: now hes gone.
IQ: who's next
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Phantom:   lolllllllllllllllllllll
nerdyy: me me me
nerdyy:  *laugh*
emberdad: probably len_goodman he is weird
IQ: i need to get my breath back
nerdyy: "memories"
IQ: hell NO
IQ: *glare*
Len_Goodman has joined.
Phantom: lolllllllllllllll
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ:  *blink*
IQ: ey
emberdad: uh oh hes here
Len_Goodman: boobies
IQ:   who called him
emberdad: ?
Len_Goodman has left.
Phantom: now i got blog topic  
IQ: no boobies
emberdad: :P
emberdad: he ledt
nerdyy:   *laugh* 57
IQ: good
IQ: lol
IQ: *and she continues to ruin her own goodname*
emberdad: ?
Phantom: whole zaalim story will be spammed  
IQ: yay
IQ: let dem all fear da wrath of zaaalim
Moronsandfiddles has joined.
emberdad: ?
IQ: *blink*
Moronsandfiddles: i like pie
emberdad: who is this moronsandfiddles?
IQ: lol
IQ: I like pi too
Moronsandfiddles: i am steve
IQ: 3.141592653
Moronsandfiddles: steve of steve
Phantom: nerds wud say pie = 3.1496909758637
IQ: urs is wrong
Phantom:   lolllllllll its u
IQ: :P
emberdad: Blogisphere.
Moronsandfiddles: i dont like u ember
Moronsandfiddles: i hate u
Moronsandfiddles has left.
IQ: awesome
emberdad: :P
emberdad: Ok back to normal.
IQ: lol
nerdyy: got it
IQ: got what
nerdyy: preserved for posterity
IQ: omg
nerdyy: screen shots
IQ: :O
Phantom: lollllllllllllllllll
Phantom:  *laugh*
IQ: lol
emberdad: i cant believe that was a baboon.
IQ: me neither
IQ: but unfortunately, it was.
Phantom: want that u?
Phantom: wasnt*
emberdad: Dogs?
emberdad: No.
emberdad: Robot barks.
IQ: the woofer was broken
Phantom: oh i forgot to read todays post
IQ: lol
emberdad:  '
Phantom: homework
emberdad: fun
emberdad: There goes N.K.
IQ: lol
emberdad: And iran.
IQ: iwalk

May 10, 2012

In the Ebginning

nerdyy: it doesnt taste very flovorful
nerdyy: flavorful

nerdyy: yeah i had had half a few days ago
nerdyy: it wasnt good so i didnt finsih it

nerdyy: 8sigh*
nerdyy: i saw tow planes crossing in the sky
nerdyy: two

nerdyy: yes he sent soemthign to mee too
IQ: fred
IQ: go get food
nerdyy: okies
IQ: your typing is becoming more and more atrocious
IQ: I also brb
nerdyy:    it was atrocious to ebgin with
nerdyy: begin*

May 9, 2012


IQ: my hair is all fuzzy
Tom: mine is too short to be fuzzy
IQ: lol
Nerdyy: wot have u been upto
IQ: i've got those little baby hairs all growing
Nerdyy: awww
IQ: what awwwww
IQ: lol
Tom: lol
Nerdyy: baby hairs
IQ: yeah lol
IQ: they make my head look like a messy nest
Nerdyy: hmmmm
Tom: what color is your hair?
Nerdyy: shes blonde
IQ: uhhuh
Tom: me too
IQ: but ur hair is short short
Nerdyy: she prefers dark haired guys
IQ: black hair and green eyes
Tom: my hair is short because there's no hairdresser where i live
Tom: so i buzz my hair
IQ: oh
Tom: otherwise it gets retarded lol
IQ: lol
IQ: nerdy grows his hair out in dreadlocks
Nerdyy: oh yes
Tom: dreadlocks are pretty cool
Tom: idk if i could go that long without washing my hair though
IQ: i know
Tom: lol i like to be clean
IQ: nerdy how do u do it
Nerdyy: i go to a barber
IQ: isnt it a headache
IQ: well duh but dealing with it daily
Nerdyy: they shampoo me and put my locks in place
IQ: oh
Nerdyy: i go once a wweek
Tom: where are you 2 from?
Nerdyy: im from uganda
Nerdyy: kampala
Tom: how old are you guys?
Nerdyy: im 67
Nerdyy: how bout u
Tom: 25
Nerdyy: nice
Tom: i'm at work right now
IQ: me too
Nerdyy: im about to goto work
Tom: what do you guys do?
Nerdyy: i have a night shift today
Nerdyy: /tonight
IQ: oh
Nerdyy: i work for the us embassy
Nerdyy: im a security guard
IQ: phone
IQ: there isnt any age restriction tho? 
Tom: lol
Nerdyy: no i retire at 69
IQ: oh 
IQ: 69 
IQ: k makes sense
Nerdyy: i have two more years

May 2, 2012


IQ: *sneezes*
Layla: so does any1 watch hollyoaks here
IQ: Except Lulu
G10: speak for yourself!
Layla: oh my god
Phantom: bless me
Layla: i bet
Layla: in hollyoaks
IQ: loll
Layla: after 5monthss
Layla: i have feelings hes back
G10: I watch hollyoaks
Layla: dont kno yet
IQ: who the fox is foxy
Layla: do u
Layla: some fit guy!!! he left hollyoaks in november
Layla: and i think hes back now since som1 is threatiin mitzee
G10: do you watch the only way is essex?
Layla: so is him
Layla: its him*
Phantom: foxy is a guy? i thought its some sexy chick
Layla: nahhhhhhhhh i dont
G10: i like that show
IQ: lol
IQ: foxy roxy
Layla: i watch eastenders hollyoaks
Layla: foxy is back
IQ: mike
G10: too bad mike left essex
Layla: type warren fox hollyoaks
Layla: in google
Layla: u will see how fit heis
Layla: he put on some weight but back in days hes used 2 b so cute
G10: lol
Phantom: << fittest man alive
G10: i like that face
Layla: so do i
G10: its like wtf
Layla: its like wow
Phantom: G10, not imitating me today?
IQ: u call that fit
Layla: yes
Layla: fit
G10: no i gave it a break
Layla: u dont know his personality
IQ: *kicks lulu*
Layla: dont judge da book by its cover
lostgrl has joined.
DM- has joined.
Layla: da way he says BABES
Layla: da way he WALK
IQ: MD sho cute
lostgrl: byeeee alll
Layla: oh my god
IQ: lol babes
Layla: believe meeeeeeeeeeeee ras gulla
IQ: um bye
Layla: if u watch hollyoaks
Layla: u will fall 4 him
Layla: in 30mins
IQ: okay
DM-:  ::laugh
Layla: hes got something
Layla: in him
Layla: like magic
G10: lol
IQ:  ::laugh
Layla:  ::blush
DM-: "sho cute " 29
IQ:  ::laugh
Layla: oi
IQ:  ::laugh
IQ: lol
Layla: lol
Layla: byee
G10: will miss you
IQ: lulu 
Layla:  :D
IQ: this is ur fit guy?


Layla: ras gulla   
Layla: yes
Layla: HE IS
Layla: i like his accent
Phantom: will u all stop typing?  i am trying to copy a link
Layla: i kno hes old
Layla: hes old now
G10: he's too old thoug
Layla: but trust meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Layla: if u watch hollyoaksssssss
Layla: u will fall in love wit him
DM-: a pic of a old man
DM-:  ::laugh
Layla: i promiseeee u RAS GULLAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
IQ:   DM
Layla: u guys stop dissin foxy
IQ: she thinks he's soooooooooooo fit n sexy
Layla: b4 u get kicked out
G10: Lol
G10: im not dissing him
DM-: layla
G10: he doesnt look too bad
DM-: you need to check your eyes
G10: just old
IQ: yea a sweet ol guy
Layla: hate u all   yo
DM-: i mean i dont quite get it
G10: lol
Layla: lol
IQ: lolllllll MD
G10: that link is of very old man
Layla: DM old man
G10: about to fall dead
IQ: i wanna copy this in the golden moments
G10: thats why everyone is laughing
Layla: back 2 ur crutches
Layla: chop chop
Layla: quick
Layla has left.


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Guest_33518: my moobs are itchy
Guest_33518: omg
Guest_33518: LOL
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