December 10, 2013

Coffee Break

guest-123: hi can i get a medium double double please
Tim_Hortons: lol
Tim_Hortons: yes sure
guest-123: thanks
guest-123: i also want a bagel
Tim_Hortons: 1 75 plz
guest-123: you forgot to charge me for the bagel
Tim_Hortons: which one?
Tim_Hortons: wth chocco
guest-123: plain, toasted with herb and garlic cream cheese
guest-123: only half cream cheese please
Tim_Hortons: ok
guest-123: thanks
Tim_Hortons: take it n dont come here plz
guest-123: why
Tim_Hortons: maxi
guest-123: i love tim hortons
guest-123: maxi?
Tim_Hortons: asl plz
guest-123: CANADA
Tim_Hortons: i know
Tim_Hortons: sex n age?
Tim_Hortons: i know about urs location
guest-123: You know mine? So you are asking about Tim Horton's asl?
guest-123: Well he is male
guest-123: and no longer alive
Tim_Hortons: u r knockin wrong door my friend
Tim_Hortons: im male
guest-123: okay

*few minutes later*

guest-123: hello
guest-123: i'd like a refill please for my coffee
Tim_Hortons: ?
Tim_Hortons: wtf