May 27, 2013

Phone Call

IQ : you know May is almost over... and its June soon so......
IS: Hmm yeah? so we need to have another fight? Still time?
IS: We've fought twice this month so u wanna more?
IQ: Nuh uh! THREE times. Three, not two, remember??
IS: Oh yes.... so more? still few days ?
IQ: *Giggles* Noo
IQ: So you need to cut something off
IS: ::blink
IS: :O ohhhhh smokes

After a bit...

IQ: Is your headache still hurting?
IS: Huh , yes my headache is still hurting ( Laughs )
IQ: See I'm not so smart when we actually talk
IS: ( keeps laughing)

May 26, 2013


I also want to be able to post a memory hmphh

Okay, this better be a memory Grrr

May 8, 2013

Random Moments of LOL

nerdyy: brb
nerdyy: guess whos back
nerdyy: apparently no body
nerdyy: dat is so mean
nerdyy: no hi
nerdyy: jus ignorin
Beauvoir: YO MAN HI
nerdyy: tis round


Beauvoir: layla's slap
Beauvoir: for the radha kaise na jale song
Beauvoir: LOL
nerdyy: first sleep
nerdyy: then slap
Beauvoir: LOL
Beauvoir: and
nerdyy: she is such a baby
Beauvoir: 'stalker alert'
Beauvoir: @ anonymouse
nerdyy: falls off chair again
Beauvoir: LOL
nerdyy: she was trying to convince me that kia is the baby of omega
Guest_219 (Layla) has joined.
Guest_219: gay ppl


Guest_219: u r not allowed 2 see any other guys
Beauvoir: im not seeing any other guys
Beauvoir: i dont even look at nerdy
Beauvoir: i look at his shoes
Beauvoir: when i talk to him


Guest_219: shes sleepin again
nerdyy: ye
nerdyy: shes been like this all afternoon
nerdyy: she needs sugar
Guest_219: shes been writin 2 mch 
nerdyy: she was screaming sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 
Beauvoir: sorry
Guest_219: im sure shes tired
nerdyy: sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Beauvoir: yes
nerdyy: on masala
Guest_219: sugar
nerdyy: and abt a 100 guys pm ed her

John Baybeeeeeeee

just LOL

May 3, 2013


There are many pieces that make up our lives: Moments that break us. Moments that raise and shape us. Decisions we make to hold on. Or let go. People who enter our lives and leave us changed forever. The ones we love, the ones that hurt us, or heal us, or leave us. Sometimes we don't understand these pieces—or even despair over them. It’s only when time goes by and we look back, that we suddenly can see our whole life like a perfectly designed puzzle. Don’t be afraid of the puzzle piece you’re in now. It will fit perfectly…just like the rest. How could it not? The Designer is perfect.