December 31, 2012

Food !!!

Since we are in the holiday spirit and traditionally eat a lot of stuff during this time of year, I thought I should dedicate my next picture diary to food .. needless to add that both my travel destinations are well known for food. Although as a comparison, I dont think any city in the world would really come close to Paris.

Boqueria Market in Barcelona - a very large fresh produce meat fish cheese and candy market in the heart of Barcelona's city center ... the fruits in Barcelona at this time of the year were exceptionally good :D. This market also has two very crowded (and hence very good) tapas bars flocked by locals and tourists alike.

I see this fruit stall at the market and think of Miss IQ ... and I had to take the pic. (For the people that are confused this fruit is called Dragonfruit)

A wine and charcuterie/cheese bar in Barcelona with a variety of sausages as well as Serrano and Iberico Jamon (Ham) hung out to dry .... dont forget the wines LOL ... for the vegetarians among us, a cheese plate with the variety of Spanish cheeses usually available is enough to fill you up :D

Like I said .. nothing can beat Paris ... a standard patisserie(pastry)and boulangerie(bread) store ... in the city proper every street corner literally has one of these .. how can you look at this and not drool or feel hungry .. if there is a heaven I'm sure it has patisseries :D

Finally, a macaroon display at Laduree ... not surprisingly the display is shaped like the Eiffel Tower .. and the macaroons are heavenly and literally to die for :D

Hope everyone has a wonderful new years celebration :D

December 30, 2012


Here is a nice start to all my pictures from my travels ... Miss HMKs post Deconstructing Happiness made me think about these two pictures I took in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia (this is the nativity facade) - Gaudis unfinished masterpiece (work is still going on - hence the cranes - it is schduled to be completed in 2026 - Gaudis 100th death anniversary) and it is truly breathtaking - no picture can do justice to it.

Here is a guy building a sandcastle of the Sagrada Familia on the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona (this is the Barcelonata neighborhood) .... yeah someone or the sea may destroy the sandcastle but the guy is happy in the knowledge that he created such a beautiful work of art ... and he'll do it again the next day. Happiness is indeed fleeting but the next day and the day after also give us an opportunity to build newer and better fleeting moments of happiness :D

Hugs as always :P

December 24, 2012

December 13, 2012

Random Lolz

RooI am never here when everyone else is, and everyone else is never here when I am :(
12/13/12 @ 2:34 am
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GuestRoo, you're not alone.... Same with me.
12/13/12 @ 4:38 am
GuestSame with me.
12/13/12 @ 10:31 am
GuestAnd me.
12/13/12 @ 10:34 am
GuestAnd me
12/13/12 @ 10:35 am
GuestGuest Uncles and Aunties looking here and there for Help Lolz
12/13/12 @ 12:27 pm
GuestGuest Uncle Crying in Mah Pvt Lolz
12/13/12 @ 12:28 p


 "Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions."

  Author: MISS IQ

December 12, 2012


tan tan taaaaaa bruahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

... the twelfth and last time in our lifetimes that we well see this happen .. a local bar in my neighborhood is having a vertical tasting of twelve special beers that came out from a specific brewery in twelve different years :D


December 10, 2012


Long overdue picture .. taken in early fall - late october or early november:

dhuan bhaiyya ...  you can use some of these herbs :D

December 9, 2012

Poulet Roti (Roast Chicken)


  1. 1 3-4 pounds whole chicken (defrosted :D)
  2. 1 stick of butter
  3. some sprigs of thyme, marjoram, lavender and tarragon - thyme is the necessary one, the rest add a nice fragrance
  4. 4 large carrots
  5. one whole garlic
  6. 4-6 celery stalks
  7. 3-4 medium onions quartered
  8. 1 lemon cut into wedges
  9. Salt and pepper
Defrost chicken and pat it dry with paper towels. You have to leave the skin on. Reach under the skin and season the chicken all around (even the cavity). Be careful not to tear the skin. Also crush a couple of cloves of garlic and spread it under the skin evenly around the chicken.

Let the butter come to room temp - then mix the chopped herbs in the butter and spread it on the skin and in the cavity. Place a few garlic cloves in the cavity and some lemon wedges. Tie chicken legs together with string/twine.

In the roasting pan, place the veggies(including onions), chopped into large pieces, at the bottom of the pan with the remainder of the garlic cloves. It is better if you have a rack in which to cook the chicken, so the juices are separate from the chicken. You can put half cup of water in the bottom of the pan to prevent the veggies from burning when the pan gets hot. (If you dont have a rack, skip the water step)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (you have to do the C conversion). Place chicken on the rack on the pan in the middle of the oven. Roast for 1.5 hours ... and check thermometer inserted in the middle of thigh meat at 160 F.

Prepare mashed potatoes and gravy, and enjoy with already roasted veggies.

(this recipe is a pretty direct copy of Patricia Wells recipe - ive cooked this - its very good)

December 6, 2012

World's End

IQ: The earth is losing its spin
all connections are weakening
storms and thunder and lightning
and then no more internet
then all the lights start flickering
and electricity will die
people will start bonfires to keep warm
winter is going to spread over even equator
planes rust and cannot fly
all fuel is used for heat to warm ourselves

IS:  Oi you're scaring me

IQ: the oceans are rough
IS:  lol
IQ: and no boats can travel
the birds have all disappeared
the world has begun to end
IS: you think so?
IQ: yes pls
see its happening
IS: It's just a connection
IQ: thats what they all said
little did they know
IS: so 12th ko?
IQ: no
IS: then?
IQ: December 35th
IS: O_o
IQ: the earth lost its spin remember
the calender is screwed up
IS: ki aa with this depressing talk
IQ: days aren't 24 hours anymore
IS:  So tell me more about what else is gonna happen. Birds have disappeared.....then..
IQ: No food. People start fighting over what's left
IS: cannabalism
IQ: They resort to violence
IS: Theyre already doing that
IQ: Greed, anger, and selfishness has never been seen in such intensity and frequency
IS: Hmm
IQ: People are left to die in streets
diseases are spreading
everyone thought the world would end with natural disasters
IS: We should stock up then
IQ: Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, tornados, volcanoes
mother nature didnt need to do all that
mankind kills itself
IS: You should make a post with all this
IQ: You can post it in memories
IS: Its not something I will forget
IQ: No but you said i should post
so may as well just have it there
IS: I was serious about that
IQ: I know
but its not something i can rewrite
im not even thinking what im writing
its just coming
IS: And u think im gonna copy paste.. change names and wat not
IQ: Why not. Too much to do right
IS: Yes
IQ: Ok

December 4, 2012


IS: What are you doing making that noise? What is that?
IQ: its Chai gol
IS: Gol *blinks*

*ten minutes of laughter*

IS: I was wondering what kinda chai you drink


IQ: Ok. Eat something and give your body enerdy
IS: Enerdy?
IQ: Energy oops
IS: My body doesn't need nerdy :O

December 2, 2012

Turkey Gravy for Mashed Potatoes

This gravy has the best flavor if it is made with pan drippings from a roasted turkey (or chicken). You can enhance the flavor by putting cut up veggies like carrots, celery, onions and garlic cloves in the bottom of the pan while the turkey or chicken is roasting


  1. Pan Drippings (including juices) from a roasted turkey or chicken - without the veggies (If there is too much oil/grease in the juices, you can separate the excess grease out by pouring into a cup or bowl and skimming the top off)
  2. 2 cans chicken stock
  3. about half cup of all purpose flour
  4. A whisk
Transfer the pan drippings into a sauce pan and place over high heat. Add two cups of chicken broth and bring to a boil. Let the liquid boil and concentrate. Lower heat to simmer and add the flour slowly, while adding the flour start whisking the liquid to avoid clumps. Keep whisking after adding the flour while the liquid simmers and cooks the flour. This is the important process of making the gravy - whisking to avoid lumps.

After simmering for about ten minutes, when the gravy has thickened to your satisfaction, transfer gravy to a sauce boat and pour over previously cooked mashed potatoes and enjoy :D

I have avoided adding giblets (liver, heart, neck etc) to the gravy knowing that Miss HMK will probably not eat it with those ingredients :P

November 22, 2012


I can't stay mad at you forever :P

..especially with all the wine that mellowed me down :D

Although I already stuffed myself and didnt take any pics's some highlights (thanks to google)

 Stuffing (or Dressing) - This can be veggie friendly using vegetable stock.

Green Bean Casserole

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (gravy can be veggie friendly)
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie :P
I posted the pics specially for Miss HMK ... but everyone can dig in ...add your favorite turkey or tofu-turkey :)

Love all of ya .... cya all next week :D

November 21, 2012


...Care too little, you'll lose them...
...Care too much, you'll get hurt...

November 20, 2012

For Dhuan Bhaiyya ...

... and everyone else of course


Chengdu Style Hotpot (with Fish)

Nice and Spicy ... even if you dont like fish, there is no fishy smell in there :) ... dhuan bhaiyya - i'm pretty sure if you make a face looking at it (because of the fish), lulu will finish it for you :D


Chengdu Dumplings (Ground Pork)
Spicy and Yummm :D

Szechuan Dry Chilli Chicken
And Yes - those are dried red chillies .. a LOT of them :D

Miss HMK - no lambs were slaughtered in the creation of these dishes. Enjoy Dhuan Bhaiyya, Miss HMK, Lulu, Kia and Bulb.

November 16, 2012

I yam what I yam and tha's all what I yam

For my brainy best friend (who is 95% vegetarian but craves Popeyes Chicken :wacko), and my bratty best friend (who just craves chicken :P)

Followed by a yummy blackberry scone for dessert :D

November 1, 2012

Quote of The Day

Sometimes love means you make sacrifices - even if that means you lose that love.

October 31, 2012

Prablem Officuh?

nerdyy: ok I'm leaving
IQ: no :(
Layla: no :(
nerdyy: I need to beat the traffic
Layla: You can't leave us :(
IQ: Just drive on the curb fast and if the police stop you tell them you're a gangster for halloween

October 24, 2012

Fall in Da Hood YO

Let us start with a vertical viewing (a vertical tasting in wine parlance refers to tasting the same wine label/winemaker output from different years/time periods) .. this is the same tree whose pic I posted a couple of weeks ago - it was partially red and mostly green .... VOILA
I see dhuan bhaiyya still peering out from the basement .. at least he hasnt changed :P

Next .. what an ethereal vision .. no wonder fall is my second favorite season:

Raahein wohi waadi wohi badla kuch nahin fir bhi tere milne se hai duniya kyon haseen .. kahin khwabon mein hum ghum na hotey mere humraahi jo tum na hote :)

...err not a word from you punctuation baba :scowl

Just a lil note - all of these pics are from last Wednesday .. not surprisingly a LOT has changed in a week :)

thande thande jhonken jab baalon ko sehlayen tapti tapti kirne jab gaalon ko choo jayen .. sanson ki garmi ko haathon ki narmi ko mera man tarsaye koi to choo jayen ... aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho pyas dil ki bujha jayen :)

and just as an ode to the vagaries of our weather .. its 75 degrees (F) and sunny outside :P

The Book of Shakey

IQ: Oh Smokuuuuuuuuuuuuu oh smoku wherefore art thou smokuuuuuuuuuuu deny thy father refuse thy name of if thou wilt not be but sworn my khota
IS: Huh :O
IQ: He speaks! Oh speak again bright angel for thouuuuuuu art as glorious to this night!
IS: *raises eyebrow*
IQ:  Being as if a winged messenger of heaven unto the white upturned wondering eyesssssss of mortals that fall back to gaze on us!

IS: Hain. Why so biblical?
IQ: :O *bursts out laughing* oh boy, Romeo and Juliet in the Bible

October 15, 2012

Farmer Nerdyy cooks his harvest

1. Authentic Pesto (the rest are in the freezer)


A huge bunch of basil (about three large plants worth of leaves)
5 cloves of garlic
About one cup of pine nuts
One cup of fresh grated parmigiano reggiano
One cup of extra virgin olive oil.

 Combine ingredients in a food processor and umm process :) To store add a little more oil to the container so that the pesto is submerged in oil.

The basil is from farmer nerdyys garden :)

2. Marinara


About 15 tomatoes from farmer nerdyys garden ( a mixture of cherokee purple, yellow pear, roma and early girl), diced
Two small onions diced
4 cloves of garlic crushed
Few basil leaves and marjoram from the garden

Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottomed pan (heavy bottomed for equal distribution of heat). Add onions cook till translucent, add garlic cook till it gives aroma or fried garlic, add all the tomatoes and stir over high heat. Keep stirring till most of the liquid becomes thick, then put it on simmer for abt 30 minutes. At the end stir in the julienned basil and marjoram leaves.

At some later point of time this will become a meat sauce :)

October 11, 2012


*IQ rummaging in bag for her hairbrush*

IQ: Ya
IS: Why are you carrying around a spatula in your bag?

October 10, 2012


Memories of da Season

Summer and Fall in one tree :)

Pic taken across the street from my residence (yes abooser bhaiyyas this is indeed in Bangladesh :P)

October 9, 2012

Da Boss is here

Hello fellow orphanage dwellers : Love n hugs to Miss HC, Miss Beedi Basanti, Mr Smoke, Mr Bulb n Ms Kiara.

I have hacked and taken over this blog, so henceforth be prepared to have all your filez spammed here :smoke


IS: I bought lettuce
IQ: What kind?
IS: Umm.. green kind

October 6, 2012


IQ : Massage me pls I feel kinky LOL and you know not like that
IS : :O How else does one ask for a massage while feeling kinky :O  *laughs for 2 mins* Golden Memoriesssssssssssssssssssss !!!
IQ : This was bound to happen after I've exposed so many, you know those kinks we get?
IS : but you used the word KINKYYY

*after 30 mins"

IQ : you still haven't given me that massage
IS : okay i will massage you kinkily

* 5 mins laughter on IQ's part and IS got shy * LOL

October 4, 2012


nerdyy: hello rinka
nerdyy: err no i was measuring all your would be wives
layla: rinkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
nerdyy: ie our bhabhis
layla: hugs my sweet bro
rinka: lol
layla: rollseyes
rinka: measuring?
nerdy: yes for the right curves
nerdy: just like u instructed
rinka: lol i never instructed THAT

Bhabhi Checker

nerdyy: why would I google rinka
nerdyy: I only google my bhabhis

Nerdy Yelling Oh My

October 2, 2012

Omega Reunion

Bulb is watching some old movie (6 nights 7 days) on tv, and giving a live commentary.

Bulb: Wth, now they're kissing on the beach
IQ: LOL coochywoochy on the beach
Bulb: What a f'd up movie
Layla: Rinka slap slap slap
Layla: don't watch coochywoochy movies
Layla: listen to bhajans
Bulb: kahooooooooooo na pyaarrrrrrrrrr haiiiiiiiiiiiii kaho na pyaaaaaar haiiiiiiiiiiii
IQ: yeh no more crap ::mad take it off
nerdyy: take it off? :O
Layla: Loollllllllllll take lungi off? :O
Bulb: ::laugh
IQ: Noooooooooooooooooo the stupid movieeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bulb: Lolllllllllllllll now her bf is crying
Layla: same old stories ::smoke
IQ: Ye man
IQ: I will put that in my story also
IQ: Layla jumped from the plane with nerdyy
Bulb: lollll
Layla: Flippin heck
Layla: ::sleep
IQ: While she was falling she was like, oh thank god, romeyo, I'm with you
Bulb: Protection is more than enough
IQ:  Then she lands on John Abraham
Bulb: No coochywoochy stuff ::smoke
IQ: And forgets nerdyy
Layla: ::smoke
Bulb: lol
IQ: Nerdyy then has to end John's Island Career
IQ: And kills a crocodile
IQ: To impress Layla
Layla :O
Layla: am impressedddd already ::smoke
Bulb: I bet john has the character of the chimpanzee
IQ: John then tries to outdo nerdyy and then tries to run up a tree
IQ: Lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bulb yes
Layla: chimpanzee ::mad
Layla: Dont you dare ::mad rinka
Bulb: ::laugh suits him
Layla: ur chimpanzee
IQ: But because of his lazy eye he misses the jump and falls down
IQ: over the cliff
Bulb: ::smoke No I can't be, I am your bro
Layla: My bro is chimpanzee ::glare
nerdyy: ::unsure
IQ: Layla screams noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Layla: welcome back
IQ: and she goes to jump after him
Layla: sexc
Layla: nerdyy
IQ: and nerdy flies like tarzan and saves her
Layla: nice perfume::smoke
nerdyy: ::laugh john is competing with me?
Bulb: lol nerds u killed poor john chimpanzee




October 1, 2012

Y Dis Hang Ups

Phone ringing at work, IQ picks up, quickly says please hold, and finishes another convo with a client, then goes back to Line 2.

IQ: Hello?
Caller: *fuzzy sounds*
IQ: Hellooooooooooo?
IQ listens carefully - complete silence. Rolls eyes and hangs up. 

Turns to coworker who is passing by.
IQ: (putting on a fobby accent) DEY VANT TO HANGED UPS DEY HANG UPS. NAT MY PRABLEM. *throws hands up*

*shakes head,  and gets up from desk*

*few minutes later*

IS: I called you.
IQ: :O You hung up.
IS: Youu hung up on me!

*ten minutes of laughter*

September 27, 2012

John Babee

IS: I tried watching Jism 2 but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
IQ: Hahaha why would YOU watch that
IS: I know, but I tried. Was Jism any good?
IQ: Dunno, didn't watch it na
IS: Good it had black Bips and lazy eyed John
IQ: Oh yes btw we caught John; his second window is Harami Jiju
IS: I always thought he was Ladies Tailor :hmm
IQ: Yes well that's why I said second window


nerdyy: I am so sleepy
IQ:  Me tooo
IQ: The smell of my hair is seducing me
nerdyy: let's blame smoke for this
nerdyy: LOL wth
IQ: Lolllllllllllllllll

September 25, 2012


D: I can't go home without you, IQ! *melodramatic sniffles*
(IQ is staying late at work)
IQ: Aww. It's okay D, you will survive.
D: NO! I always leave work with youuuuuuuuuuuuu
IQ: I know I know it's hard to live without me
D: IQ You don't understand! I CANT GO WITHOUT YOUUU. I don't know how to get to the BUSSSSSS! *more fake sobs*
(Bus stop is right across the road from the office)
IQ: Ok, I write you directions.

Grabs a post-it and writes : Go left from front entrance (pls open the door first), go outside and smoke a lil bit (only a lil bit mind you), go down the sidewalk and look into the windows with all the handbags and jewellery and talk to yourself as if you're talking to IQ, then turn around suddenly throw up your hands and run across the street like you're on fire.

Oh eat

Like a Fridge, yo

IS: What colour fridge do you want?
IQ: Ummmmm. White.
IS: Silver?
IQ: Nooo! White is clean clean.
IS: Hmm but it gets dirty dirty also
IQ: So then you must get dirty dirty also :P
IS: :O I'm not a fridge 
IQ: *smacks forehead* no, but you're white.
IS: Oh. Okay pls I get dirty

*5 minutes of laughter on IQs part*

IQ: You do know I'm going to put this on Golden Memories right?
IS: What? Why?
IQ: Out of the point I'm trying to make you somehoww pull out the comparison to the fridge

September 21, 2012


IQ: If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?
Layla: MY
Layla: DADDY
Layla: :(
Nerdyy: Seekh kebab
IQ: Oye you cant eat him
IQ: :O
Layla: Oh eat


Guest_55515: twinny ::rose
Guest_55155: nerdyyyyy ::smoke
nerdyy: im having trouble keeping up with the two 55s

(Guest_55515 = Layla; Guest_55155= IQ)

Private Message from nerdyy:

nerdyy: O_O
Guest_55155: O_O
Guest_55155: yo
nerdyy: how do u keep same numbers
Guest_55155: lol we dont have the same numbers
Guest_55155: dyslexic much :P
nerdyy: oops :O
Guest_55155: LOL :P
nerdyy: haha dyammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

September 20, 2012

Chicken Ey

IQ: what did you eat nerdy
Nerdyy: xhixwkwn sandwich

September 17, 2012


IQ: Ok give me a song
IS: Ehsaan
IQ: You bum
IQ: I will slap you
IS: I will slap you also
IQ: That's a sad song
IS: So what?
IQ:  *gives cheek*  Leh!
IS: *slaps gently* Leh!
IQ:  Ek aur
IS: :O 

*ten minutes of laughter*

September 12, 2012

Oh dear

IQ: nadaan parinde ghar ajaaa nadaan parinde ghar aajaa
nerdyy: nadaaaaaaaaan parindeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
IQ: ghar ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ZALIM RAPIST has left.
nerdyy: bye zaalim rapist
IQ: so shad
IQ: Zaalim rapist ghar aajaaaa 
IQ: not my ghar :blink
nerdyy: *laugh*
IQ: I dont think when I sing ::wacko

September 10, 2012


IS: When I go, I actually smile
IS: At people
IQ: Yea yea at women I know
IS: Yes
IS: Noooooooooo
IQ: Haha. See
IS: Nooo, I smile at people
IS: Not women
IQ: So, women aren't people?
IS: Haan
IQ: *laughing*
IS: I smile at women
IQ: Yes see
IS: Women AND men
IQ: *laughing*
IS: I even smile at children
IQ: Really :O *still laughing*

September 5, 2012


IQ: Yea
IS: Ehm I think you need to go pee?
IQ: Huh
IS: You were looking troubled just now
IQ: Watda O_O
IQ: ....
IS: No?

*ten minutes of laughter*

September 4, 2012

Growing Things

IQ: Did it seriously stop growing
IS: :O WHattt? *5 mins of laughter*
IS: Omg. You ask such random stuff

*5 more minutes of laughter*

IQ: Uff. Dont make me laugh
IS: You made me laugh *still laughing*
IS: "My coke exploded"
IS: "Did it seriously stop growing"

*10 mins of laughter*

IQ: I can't breathe
IS: You cannot put this into Golden Memories
IQ: *still laughing*

August 28, 2012


IQ: I negative reinforced my slapping frequency by changing the code thereby extinguishing my dependence on slapping.

IS: My God, my dimag.

(March 6, 2011)

August 24, 2012

Punctuation Baba Strikes Again

Phantom:  why is nerds so scarily silent
nerdyy: im very sleeepy
Phantom: oh good I was worried you were lost in thoughts of some punctuationless women

August 22, 2012

Job Vacancy

IQ: But what are you not sure about?
S: I donno..his job
IQ: Grr but why? he isn't a drug dealer, pimp, or strip dancer is he?

August 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

Life is the most romantic of all adventures, but only those with an adventerous heart can understand this.

August 16, 2012


Layla: rasgulla?
Layla: oi u two :mad:
Layla: come out b4 i knock u out
Layla: where is my 9mm handgun
Layla: :smoke:
Layla: dhisum dhisum
Phantom: :laugh: ur hand gun sounds like a pillow punch
Layla: :(

August 15, 2012

Good answer

Phantom: How's your ENT?
Layla: Keep da change
Layla: lol

August 3, 2012


D: Good morning IQ!
IQ:  Morningggg
IQ: Are you wearing makeup today? You look more...... put together
D: Well I ...
IQ: Oh, you did your eyes!
D: Yes *takes off glasses* I did my eyes, why, do I look pretttyyyy?
IQ: You always look pretty. But today you just loook... MORE put together
D: Put together? What like I'm a car?
IQ: No, like a model
D: Oh *preens* how sweeet of you...

IQ: Of a car.

July 20, 2012


IS: i think Layla is mad

IQ: lol kyun?

IS: she sees chicken everywhere :/

IQ: LOL yes

IS: or shes just programmed to say chicken

IQ: hahaha i know


IQ: i thought that in the morning hahahahahaha

IS: i was like shes a bot

July 19, 2012

Yes Maam

IQ: oops
nerdyy: yes mama
IQ: no i didnt remb any numbers
nerdyy: maam*
nerdyy: oops
IQ: LOL mama
IQ:   hahaha
nerdyy:    haha
IQ: oh
nerdyy: mah typos
IQ: my
IQ: god

July 15, 2012


IQ: I wonder when its gonna rain here
IQ: It's showing rain on sunday
IQ: hmm
nerdyyy: yes its gowing there
nerdyyy: going
nerdyyy: wth
nerdyyy: thats not a typo thats a brain freeze
IQ: oh my god

July 5, 2012

Layla On Drums

Phantom: oh btw all u lesser mortals u're talking to a future rockstar
IQ: You got guitar
Layla: tum binnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn kyaaaaaaaaaaaa hai jeeeeeeeeenaa
Layla: kyaa hai jeeeeeeeena
Phantom: lolllll yup
IQ: what kind
IQ: what's it look like
Layla: tum binnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Layla: listenin 2 on youtbe
Layla: dam..
Phantom: it looks like a guitar to me
Phantom: yh i'm self learning fingers hurt
IQ: yesh
Layla: u tried key board?
IQ: I havent played in so long
IQ: keyboard meri jaan
Phantom: keyboard is too easy its for kids
Layla: yeh dats y i asked u did u try keyboard
IQ: kids
Layla: since its 4 kids
Phantom: yh i have tried, my initial plan was to buy it.. then i got hooked to eletric guitar
IQ: lol
IQ: good u learn
IQ: then we have omega band
Phantom: loll
Layla: lol
Layla: omega banf
IQ: yesh
Layla: band*
IQ: Layla what will u play
Layla: what will i do
Phantom: taka will be our drummer
Layla: i cant sing i cnt play .%%%%
IQ: I was imagining that also
Phantom: beating hell outta the drums
Layla: ::blink..............................

July 4, 2012


Guest_47360: *burps*
Guest_725078: open da window
Guest_725078: its smelly
Guest_47360: it was a water burp
Guest_725078: water n air
Guest_725078: ewww
Guest_47360: lol
Guest_47360: *falls asleeeepp*
Guest_725078: i think i need to poop again
Guest_47360: and u ew at my clean lil burp
Guest_47360: geez man

June 29, 2012


IQ: I think im gonna cut my hair
IQ : Did u see how poofy it is
IS: You have been thinking that
IS: For years
IQ: I knew you'd say this

June 27, 2012

What Made You Laugh Today?

"Excellent point! What if (another theory) we evolve into two seperate animals? Vegans tend to bring up vegan kids and the same with omnis. What if we evolve through generations into a much more herbivourous animal with lower need for protein and calcium and perhaps other traits while other humans evolve with large canines and claws etc.
Weird eh? We could become hunted!"

"People stuffing their faces with meat and dairy will be too obese to hunt.
Plus vegans and vegetarians will not only outrun them, but outsmart them too. "


June 21, 2012

Only Family

Phantom: yes, my secretary answered for me

Layla: :O

Layla: dis is family issue

Layla: between us 2

Layla: no secretary allowed

Phantom: ok then u kick her out

Layla: shes family too


June 12, 2012


IQ: acha so i had a dream
Phantom: lallu.... pls kill 29
IQ: abey im dead already
Layla: never
Layla: i wud kill myself b4 dat
Phantom: never di bachchi
IQ: so there was a lot of stuff going on in my dream
IQ: then ending part i sort of remembered
IQ: nerdy and layla were in a car
Phantom: pls
nerdyy: her chat career was over a long time ago
IQ: driving at nights
Phantom: dont leave me in skirts
IQ: and then this crowd jumped on the car
nerdyy: starry nights
IQ: and stopped it and pulled the doors open
Phantom: lol
IQ: and were gonna kidnap layla
nerdyy: soul bhaiyya and rishu bhaiyya
IQ: and then umm i dont remb all this
IQ: phir layla goes
Phantom: but then i save the day for lallu n nerds
IQ: am hungry
Phantom: lolll
nerdyy: 29 thats my line
Layla: lol
Layla: my line shd b
Layla: i want coffee
IQ: and those thugs said shut ur mouth or else we will shoot nerdy
Phantom: i just saw that line in 'the spy next door'
IQ: then umm
IQ: i dont remb much the next part of my dream i remember CLEARLY
IQ: i think nerdy broke free and grabbed layla and u both ran
IQ: next part i remember
IQ: all 4 of us were in a kitchen
IQ: and i was cooking
Phantom: i'm waiting for my introduction song
Layla: LOL
nerdyy: kitchen
IQ: and then Phantom was sitting at the table
IQ: like a fatso
Layla: cookin chicken biryani
IQ: and there was some strange old white lady sitting next to him
nerdyy: wow what an imaginative dream
Layla: lol
Layla: nerdy
Phantom: that was u
IQ: and nerdy and layla u two were pouring drinks and started fighting and arguing
IQ: no i was behind the counter
Phantom: lolllllllllllllllll
IQ: anyways then layla said
IQ: bb
Layla: i never argue with krishna
Phantom: why why why
IQ: when am i gonna have a bhabhi
Phantom: why old?
IQ: idkkkk man
IQ: she was just sitting there
Phantom: cant u give a young lady?
Layla: lol
nerdyy: i dont fight with radha
IQ: and then layla was pulling out a knife saying watch it i saved ur life back der on da road nerdy
Layla: no bb
Layla: u married already
Phantom: 29 u sux again
IQ: and i was like u idiots what are u doing
Layla: stop dreamin abt girls
IQ: and then phantom said i want my food
Layla: dis fatty man
IQ: what are u fools doing and then i got pissed i was like u all arent gonna eat anything
Phantom: wow
Layla: always thinkin abt food
IQ: and i took a bowl of red cayenne pepper for some reason
IQ: and i was gonna throw it
nerdyy: i think this shud go on the blog
Phantom: 29
Layla: lol nerdy
IQ: and phantom stopped my hand and takes a pinch of that red powder and puts it on that white strange lady hair part
Phantom: what were u smoking there, son?
IQ: and we all stopped and were staring
nerdyy: 29
IQ: and we was like yeh sindoor nahin hai
IQ: phantom goes i dont care i just want a wife
Phantom: lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
IQ: and we looked at the white lady and the powder went in her eyes and she was crying
Phantom: wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
IQ: she was howling
Layla: poor white lady
IQ: so annoying
Phantom: u made me a despo
IQ: and so i got pissed and threw the bowl over her head
IQ: and i woke up
nerdyy: phantom
Phantom: i quit
Phantom: i resign
IQ: i swear to go
IQ: god
IQ: this i remember so clearlyy
IQ: phewww
Layla: LOL
IQ: now i got it told
Phantom: lallu
IQ: i waited all day
Layla: look at fatty
IQ: for u 3
IQ: at once
Layla: still dreamin abt FOOD
nerdyy: smalls dreams of a virgo
Layla: FOOD or wifey
Layla: pick one
Layla: LOL
IQ: layla pulled a knife on u nerdy
Phantom: i quit already

June 1, 2012

Poe Tree

IQ: The raindrops on the windowpane slide folornly
Nerdyy: new poem
IQ: The leaves so green bend their heads with the onslaught
IQ: We trudge on the grey as the grey becomes a river
Nerdyy: there is sadness and vilence in those tow lines
Nerdyy: violence
IQ: We learn to swim for lest we drown
Nerdyy: two
IQ: I got possessed by a bhoot
Nerdyy: err bhootni
IQ: Poetry bhootni
Nerdyy: yes
Nerdyy: its ok new poe for poems blog
Nerdyy: poem*
Nerdyy: da mn it
IQ: I actually saw the trails of the raindrops sliding down the windowpane in the reflection of my computer monitor
Nerdyy: are wah
IQ: yes yes edgar would be grateful
Nerdyy: like tears streaming down your cheeks
IQ: yesh
Nerdyy: wah wah
IQ: well u've got the sunshine there
Nerdyy: yes
IQ: spies anonymous broke into poetry corner
Nerdyy: the storm blows on outside uprooting the deep rooted trees
Nerdyy: while all we see are reflections of our lives on the computer screen
Nerdyy: and our face with tears streaming down
IQ: shabash  
Nerdyy: yes note it down for da compilation
IQ: sounds like the story of the clones 
IQ: crying while they type the laugh emoticon
IQ: “y u no like me?” cry = “@#$@#$@$@$ ::laugh”

May 29, 2012


..LayLaaa..: lol i checked ur profile thing and check it out
..LayLaaa..: Guest_2929: Standard User, idle for 00:29:29 (hh:mm:ss)
..LayLaaa..: 29:29 just like ur nick
..LayLaaa..: guest 2929

May 24, 2012


IQ: Arrey voh tera vichar hai
IS: Arre itni shudh hindi mein vartalap :ehm wah ji wah :P
IS: Hum prassan hue balike ::rolleyes
IS: Atyant
IQ: O_O yo mans
IS: Ji Balike ab aap apne kaksh ki oor prasthan karne ka kasht karein
IQ: Aha kasht haran aha dukh haran, tera naaam tera naaaam rama ho kamal naina wale ho
IS: Oho aha :O Aavishmaan bhave hmphh
IQ: Ayushman bhava ::blink
IS: Haan bay lol
IQ: Maya saha nartitumicchasi kim?
IS: Kim jong wu
IQ: Kripaya kshyamatam O_o LOL

May 22, 2012

Control V

nerdyy has joined.
nerdyy: i can paste
nerdyy has left.

May 14, 2012


Phantom: y did u have to say that truth? y did u have to break my heart?
Phantom:   did that sound like a song?
Oceanwave: ^_^ yup
..LayLaaa..: its like how will i am says   am a heartbreakkerr am a heearttbreaaker 
..LayLaaa..: yehh it did 14 
IQ: does he sound straight or gay in his song now 
..LayLaaa..: str8
IQ: lol
..LayLaaa..: guys r like dat
Phantom:   thnx
..LayLaaa..: heartbreaker 
..LayLaaa..: no more emo
Phantom: then either i am not a guy or u r wrong  
IQ: did u read my blog  :O
IQ: lol
..LayLaaa..: no i aint been on it
..LayLaaa..: 4 longg
IQ: i know
IQ: thats why i was shocked
IQ: loll
..LayLaaa..: loooool
..LayLaaa..: Phantom is a girl ? ras gulla 
IQ: the title of todays one is called Heartbreak Warfare lol
Phantom: duh
IQ: i aint checking   why u asking me
Phantom: layls... imma kills u
..LayLaaa..: check check 
Phantom: and u too 29
..LayLaaa..: i have my doubts now
IQ:  lol
..LayLaaa..: cud b 50 50
IQ: i get nerdy
nerdyy has joined.
IQ: he can check
..LayLaaa..: i need proooof
IQ:  :O
IQ: omg
Phantom: lolllllllllllllllllllllllll
IQ:  :O
..LayLaaa..: nerdyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Err 3582.  Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
nerdyy:    ::rose
..LayLaaa..: welcome 
Err 3582.  Warning! Your actions may prevent further access to the chat room.
Phantom: lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
IQ: *faints*
Phantom: another classic
nerdyy: thats not too bad
nerdyy: not as bad as laylaas

May 11, 2012


IQ: psh  *glare* u unromantik
nerdyy: oh yeah ur dream house
IQ: yes
nerdyy: how bout forced nudity in the warm fire cottage
IQ:   i knewwww that was coming
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ:   *glare* no!
Phantom: lol
nerdyy: phantom must be like wtf
IQ: sounds like something outta a harlequin
Phantom: IQ:   no , it wont be forced
Phantom: :P
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: mind reader
IQ: hawwwwwww
Phantom: soryyy
Phantom: cudnt help it
IQ: *covers head with helmet*
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: *glare*
Phantom: lollll, u know what.. fear that ppl r reading ur mind is a sign of schizofrenia
Phantom: and i told u....I had read a story when i was a kid..abt a machine to read mind...and i believed that ppl cud read my mind for few days
IQ: yeah lol
IQ: see u could blog about that
Phantom: means I was schizophrenic  
IQ: no u dumbo
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: lol
Phantom: lollll
IQ: u ARE schizophrenic
nerdyy: "memories"
IQ: :P
nerdyy: ebginning
IQ: lol
IQ: in the ebginning the word was dog
nerdyy: ive officvially become a cartoon
IQ: *god
Phantom: omg   am i? am i mad? oh no.... *panics* i cant be
IQ: lol awww
nerdyy: officially *
IQ:  *laugh*
nerdyy: da mn
IQ: someone needs to hold 57 down
IQ: I get the morphine
Phantom: yes get some sexy nurse pls.... plsssssssssssssss
IQ: lol
nerdyy:    forced nudity?
IQ: i knew it
nerdyy:  *laugh*
nerdyy: 57 ure lucky day today
Phantom: nerds! ... not mine
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: he means to say if it were a sexy nurse it wont be forced
IQ: :P
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Phantom: where is the no exception guy when i need him
IQ: lol
IQ: whyyyy do u need him exactly
Phantom: to take care of nerds
IQ: erm
IQ: *unsure*
IQ: lol i think he ran
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Phantom: he forcing my nudity
IQ: *closedeyes*
Phantom: no? ok...maybe i was panicking
IQ: no im closing my eyes
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: while this nudity thing is being forced
nerdyy: i think iq was forcing ur nudity
IQ: :O
nerdyy: im innocent
nerdyy: *inncoent look * in my eyes
Phantom: nah ... she wont dare  
Phantom: lol
IQ: me iz no zaalim rapist
IQ: :O
Phantom: lol
Phantom: u're a naadaan rapist?
IQ: no
IQ: im me today
IQ: zaalim is only weekends
IQ: *smoke*
nerdyy: ah
nerdyy: i know zaalim sounded familiar
IQ: now I shouldn’t have said that
IQ: considering I’m usually not here on weekends
IQ: and you all might even believe that
IQ: :/
Phantom: lollll
nerdyy: yeah but zaalim rapist is
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: damn
Phantom: ur zaalim chat career is over  
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
IQ: ok
IQ: I can’t say anything rapist-like
adnan has joined.
IQ: hello nanda
Phantom: lol... do they have separate lingo?
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Bisono64 has joined.
adnan has left.
Bisono64: heerro?
IQ: i vill wape u
emberdad has joined.
IQ: baybay
Phantom: lolllllll
IQ: *wink*
Bisono64: ?
nerdyy:  *laugh*
emberdad: lol
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: *glare*
Bisono64: what the?
emberdad: :P
Phantom: lol
IQ: bison do u mind man
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ: im like in da middle of ma rape scene yo
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Bisono64: ?
emberdad: :P
Phantom: *laugh*
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Bisono64: lolol
Bisono64 has left.
IQ: ok thanks
emberdad: now hes gone.
IQ: who's next
nerdyy:  *laugh*
Phantom:   lolllllllllllllllllllll
nerdyy: me me me
nerdyy:  *laugh*
emberdad: probably len_goodman he is weird
IQ: i need to get my breath back
nerdyy: "memories"
IQ: hell NO
IQ: *glare*
Len_Goodman has joined.
Phantom: lolllllllllllllll
nerdyy:  *laugh*
IQ:  *blink*
IQ: ey
emberdad: uh oh hes here
Len_Goodman: boobies
IQ:   who called him
emberdad: ?
Len_Goodman has left.
Phantom: now i got blog topic  
IQ: no boobies
emberdad: :P
emberdad: he ledt
nerdyy:   *laugh* 57
IQ: good
IQ: lol
IQ: *and she continues to ruin her own goodname*
emberdad: ?
Phantom: whole zaalim story will be spammed  
IQ: yay
IQ: let dem all fear da wrath of zaaalim
Moronsandfiddles has joined.
emberdad: ?
IQ: *blink*
Moronsandfiddles: i like pie
emberdad: who is this moronsandfiddles?
IQ: lol
IQ: I like pi too
Moronsandfiddles: i am steve
IQ: 3.141592653
Moronsandfiddles: steve of steve
Phantom: nerds wud say pie = 3.1496909758637
IQ: urs is wrong
Phantom:   lolllllllll its u
IQ: :P
emberdad: Blogisphere.
Moronsandfiddles: i dont like u ember
Moronsandfiddles: i hate u
Moronsandfiddles has left.
IQ: awesome
emberdad: :P
emberdad: Ok back to normal.
IQ: lol
nerdyy: got it
IQ: got what
nerdyy: preserved for posterity
IQ: omg
nerdyy: screen shots
IQ: :O
Phantom: lollllllllllllllllll
Phantom:  *laugh*
IQ: lol
emberdad: i cant believe that was a baboon.
IQ: me neither
IQ: but unfortunately, it was.
Phantom: want that u?
Phantom: wasnt*
emberdad: Dogs?
emberdad: No.
emberdad: Robot barks.
IQ: the woofer was broken
Phantom: oh i forgot to read todays post
IQ: lol
emberdad:  '
Phantom: homework
emberdad: fun
emberdad: There goes N.K.
IQ: lol
emberdad: And iran.
IQ: iwalk