August 28, 2012


IQ: I negative reinforced my slapping frequency by changing the code thereby extinguishing my dependence on slapping.

IS: My God, my dimag.

(March 6, 2011)

August 24, 2012

Punctuation Baba Strikes Again

Phantom:  why is nerds so scarily silent
nerdyy: im very sleeepy
Phantom: oh good I was worried you were lost in thoughts of some punctuationless women

August 22, 2012

Job Vacancy

IQ: But what are you not sure about?
S: I donno..his job
IQ: Grr but why? he isn't a drug dealer, pimp, or strip dancer is he?

August 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

Life is the most romantic of all adventures, but only those with an adventerous heart can understand this.

August 16, 2012


Layla: rasgulla?
Layla: oi u two :mad:
Layla: come out b4 i knock u out
Layla: where is my 9mm handgun
Layla: :smoke:
Layla: dhisum dhisum
Phantom: :laugh: ur hand gun sounds like a pillow punch
Layla: :(

August 15, 2012

Good answer

Phantom: How's your ENT?
Layla: Keep da change
Layla: lol

August 3, 2012


D: Good morning IQ!
IQ:  Morningggg
IQ: Are you wearing makeup today? You look more...... put together
D: Well I ...
IQ: Oh, you did your eyes!
D: Yes *takes off glasses* I did my eyes, why, do I look pretttyyyy?
IQ: You always look pretty. But today you just loook... MORE put together
D: Put together? What like I'm a car?
IQ: No, like a model
D: Oh *preens* how sweeet of you...

IQ: Of a car.